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ss v8

  1. S

    ESC help! - Anyone played around with the VE ESC? (Electronic stability control)

    Hi guys, I need some help finding the plug for the ESC. I want to unplug it from the fuse box to completely disable it but have no idea which one it is. Has anyone does this before or know which one it is? Thanks in advance.

    Skyline R34 GT-T or SS (opens)

    Hey everyone, Just been thinking lately about getting on my opens (a while away but still) and I always had it set in my mind i'd upgrade from my VT V6 and get a VY/VZ SS for the power and sound. All and all I am just plain bored with the power and want my next car to be something to...
  3. D

    VT SS Manual or VS SS Manual - How do I decide

    Hi all, Need some help if you please. Am currently saving up to buy myself an SS manual but am unsure whether I should get and VS Series 2 or a VT, by later September I'll have enough saved up. What I do know is that the VS Series 2 was by far the best from the VN to VS range. What I dont...