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  1. M

    Lowered front end, stock rear height?

    G'day, My VY SS has been lowered like crazy (I imagine it's SSSL in the rear but I haven't checked) and I'm trying to raise the car because it's not really suitable like that for a daily and I don't fancy getting defected anytime soon. I've bought some stock rear springs that came off a VY...
  2. B

    King Springs

    I'm keen on dumping my vs. Will definitely need new shocks so What are peoples thoughts on the monroe GT shocks and Ultra lows all round. anyone have a vs on sssl's i could check out?

    SSSL King Ultra Low springs being put in back of VT - S pack??

    hey guys, Used search function but couldn't find what i wanted. Got a VT-S pack so it has the kit and the FE2 suspension and shocks? Will the S-packs shocks be good enough to fit SSSL (king ultra lows) in the rear? Also curious with the kit how high off the ground it is going to be? thanks...