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ssv redline

  1. J

    Custom SSV Redline or HSV GTS?

    Hi Guys, I have been saving up for a while and am Planning on buying a V8 when I get off my green p plates in the next year or so. I really want the HSV GTS but if I was to buy it would most likely have to remain stock. I like to have something a bit different about my cars that make it stand...
  2. R

    Any way to check difference between 2017 ssv and ssv redline?

    Hello, fellow Commodore enthusiasts!! I tried to search for this topic but couldn't find what I was looking for so decided to start my first post. Any advice/help would be much appreciated. The question is: What's the best way to check whether the car I'm buying is a real ssv redline? Let's...
  3. P


    Hey everyone I have a series 1 SSV Redline sedan manual & am looking at exhaust upgrades but struggling to choose which one... Wanting to get 1 7/8 headers with full 3 inch system & high flow cats in stainless finish. I want to it sound nice & deep as well as be loud like a V8 should...
  4. JQ417

    2012 SSV Z series Common Problems

    Hi everyone, just wonder if anyone here know any common issues/problems relate to 2012 Holden Commodore SSV Z series 6-speead Auto (with AFM technology). Because Im planning to purchase a second hand one with 90000kms on the odometer from its first owner in Queensland. Any advice/ recommendation...
  5. JQ417

    2012 Holden Commodore SSV Z series Auto

    Hi everyone! Just wonder if anyone here know any common issues/problems of 2012 SSV Z series 6-speed Auto Sedan with 90000kms on the odometer because I’m planning to purchase one!? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Giusa93

    Is there a difference between the L77 and L98 Clutch???

    Hey Guys, Looking to buy a heavy duty clutch kit for my 2010 VE SSV Redline but I can only find clutches suited for the L98 engines. I have been looking for an Exedy clutch but cant find any L77 suited. Was just wondering is there a difference between the two? Or if anyone can point me in...
  7. Kevin1962

    MY17 SSV Redline Automatic, driveline(?) Vibration 85 to 95kmh

    Hello All, I'm new to this forum, and a suggestion from another member to post a new thread on my issue. So, I have an SSV Redline auto that I ordered from new, after 6 months finally got it in late October 2017. I've only done 1600kms in it and notice a driveline vibration between 85 and 95. It...
  8. E

    VF SSV 2014 L77 Upgrade / Mod

    Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading my 2014 SSV VF Commodore (Auto) and have very limited experience/knowledge other than what I've researched to get me to this point... I have recently upgraded my cat back to 3 inch Xforce and now looking at getting the Xforce 1 7/8" 4 into 1, OTR Intake Kit...
  9. S

    2011 VE SSV Starting Issue

    Hi All (long rant coming - sorry) , About 3 weeks ago i sold my trusty old VY SS after 341,000ms and 9 years together and purchased a 2011 SSV Redline, my joy however has been shortlived. I bought it from a Toyota dealership and two days after getting it home i discovered that it started fine...

    VF2 LS3 Ute vs Sedan 0-100, 0-400m, drags etc

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone has any info or stories comparing the utes vs sedans for straight line acceleration? I have the 17' ssv redline ute and was just curious if anyone knows how they stack up against a sedan.. i assume being a bit lighter the ute would have a slight edge... glad of...
  11. R

    extractors and cats help!

    Hi guys, first time posting on here. I have a manual 2010 ssv redline ute with 2 1/2 inch cat back exhaust. was wondering if anyone could help me decide on what size extractors to get and what cats. would 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 be best? i wouldn't want it to drone at all. and would tri-ys be best or...
  12. N

    My 2016 VF SS Black Edition

    Hi guys, its my first post here and just wanted to share my 2016 SS Black Edition. Its not completely done yet, ive still got the old school decals and a hdt badge to go on and my new number plate [HDTLS3] is on its way. Just wanted to hear some feedback to see if everyone else likes it as much...
  13. R

    2015 HSV Clubsport R8 Gen F or 2016 SSV Redline

    So I am looking to upgrade, and with all the EOFY sales, pricing is a little more right for me. I have LOVED the VF SSV Redline since it came out to me (my opinion only) it is the last of the true Commodore Aussie V8's. BUT, I went to the dealers the other day and they have a 2015...
  14. Jay's Redline

    Walkinshaw Exhaust on a VF SSV Redline

    hey guys, I recently bought a new VF SSV Redline Sedan. I was just wondering if any of you guys have gotten a Walkinshaw exhaust system installed on you rides. I just want to know if it is value for money, if it has any problems, and also how it sounds. I have looked up some videos...
  15. T

    '11 SSV Redline Ute. Alto Grey

    Whats been done: Suspension: Lowered a bit at the back. King springs. Front is stock FE2. Engine: Comp cam, stock intake, AFAM removed. Dyno tuned. Exhaust: Full custom SS exhaust - 3" collectors into 2 1/2" system with high flow cats. Sounds nice - No droning. Transmission: Tuned 6 speed...
  16. M

    NEw window tint for my ride

    Hi all am keen to locate a GOOD window tinting company in the bayside area, jsut purchased new SS V redline series and I think the card yard is charging to to much to have it tinted with them $500 (darkest legal tint) Thks
  17. G

    VEII SSV Redline edition - Mods started now check engine light

    Hey guys, I've just recently picked up my VE II SSV Redline edition. I'm happy with it (had a S1 SS and 6L Calais in the past). I installed a VCM OTR intake and stupid me left the wire that goes to the CAS? (it might not be the CAS but I think it is), loose and went for a spin around the block...