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  1. Fu Manchu

    New VZ SSZ Crewman Build... in the U.S.!

    How is this guy! Josh from Josh's Car Corner on The Youtube's He is highly familiar with Commodores and GTO's in particular. The Crewman Owners Facebook page got me onto this project (and then discovering how good his channel is) Josh seems smart with how he approaches his projects and work...
  2. Jazzakat

    Battery or alternator issues? VZ SSZ won't start.

    Hi guys, I've done a lot of browsing and found people with similar problems but not quiet the same as mine. I was wondering what your opinions on the matter were or if anyone has had anything similar and was able to resolve the issue. I have a 2005 VZ SSZ Ute. I replaced the battery less than...
  3. G

    Nathan's Impulse Blue VZ SSZ Ute

    I've been meaning to start a thread for my VZ SSZ ute which i got about 6 months ago for a while now, i've done a few things since owning it, so here it is … Model: VZ SSZ ute Colour: Impulse Blue Engine: LS1 (5.7L) Gearbox: T56 (6 Speed Manual) Exhaust: 1 7/8"...
  4. V

    what engine modifications perform well with l76

    Hello my names jacob I own a vz ss 2006 Has 115000km on the clock Currently has Otr with mafless tune, Cam with ruffly 113 lobe separation to fit a supercharger down the line, And all the bits and pieces that are required when changing a cam 3.9/1 diff ratio 1" 3/4 pacemaker header 4 to...
  5. D

    Mafless Tune

    Hi guys, Newly bought a 2006 VZ SSZ ute with extractors, aftermarket exhaust and a mafless tune preformed by OzTrack in Sydney. The previous owner made me aware of an issue during start-up where the engine will surge a few times before the computer sorts itself out. If you try taking...
  6. S

    anyone selling VZ cv8 / ssz wheels??

    hey guys and girls, im interested in buying a set of VZ cv8 wheels also known as ssz wheels. im looking at getting them second hand in good condition, genuine not replicas. if anyone has a set that they want to sell or knows some that does leave a comment :) thanks!
  7. K

    Throttle Body Adaptor

    Wazup! Just joined up to the blog and thought I would throw in what may be a stupid question. I have an SSZ ute and have acquired a 90mm LS3 throttle body. Does anybody know of anyone who has developed an adaptor to use this on an LS1? And I have not yet had a good look, but is there...