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stage 3

  1. P

    VR SENATOR 215i stage 3 kit

    Hi all I am looking at getting a stage 3 shift kit out in my vr senator. Where can I go to get this done and roughly what am I looking at cost wise? I used to have a lh Torana with a b&m shifter on it and I want the same feeling in my senator so yeah want to know how I go about this and where to...
  2. V

    Stage 3 shift kit information

    Hey im doing up my VR V6, currently being resprayed, got 4.11 and minispool to wack in, in the market for an auto, thinking stage 3 fully manualised, 2500 stall with a b & m quick shifter. soon to be turboed. Just wanted to know with a stage 3, if the auto is in D, will it shift through the...