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  1. G

    2014 VF Stalling when driving

    I have a 2014 VF commodore sv6 redline that has developed a rough idle and is now stalling when driving on the road. it only seems to stall when hot or after driving for about 20+ minutes. Has anyone else come across this problem? looking to take it to Holden in the near future... expensive as...
  2. F

    VX misfire and stall under load

    Hey guys, wondering if someone has seen this before. My VX S starts a little rough, at times it idles quite rough (otherwise its idle is normal), but when revs are applied, it misfires and stalls. Its completely undrivable. Doesn't matter if its in neutral or in gear, you apply enough revs, the...
  3. C

    VT SS Stalls on Idle when Hot

    Hey Guys I would presume this has been asked somewhere in here but I can't find it. I have a VT SS that I have just bought, all running great, problem now is that when its running at full temp (so over about 80 degrees) it stalls when its in idle (1st, Neutral, Reverse). When its NOT hot it...
  4. D

    vr blowing excessive black smoke

    Ok so I had the car at the mechanics to have the trailing arm bushes done.. I've got it back blowing a **** load of black smoke, idle is going mental, too high, then crashes and stalls.. it used half a tank to drive 32ks.. it didn't do this before it went in there and they had no need to touch...
  5. D

    VZ won't start after plug replacement

    Decided to replace the plugs on my VZ Cross 6 (Alloytec). Disconnected battery. Replaced plugs. Reconnected battery. Turned the key and engine fired up instantly and then cut out. Repeated a number of times and still the same. If I put my foot flat to the floor and turn the key it will rev...
  6. M

    My Car Stalls!! Please HELP

    Ok so i have a vr commy but A CONVERSION with a vy v6 (03) engine AUTO in it and the wiring loom is from a VS 97 Model.. The car has pacemaker extractors, 2.5 inch redback sports, highflow cat, 1:9:1 high ratio roller rockers, memcal from MACE, CAI ,LSD, 3:4:5 Gears, but anyway before i did...
  7. G

    vu ss cuts out no spark or error code???

    hey guys, i have a vu ss that will run for 20kms or so and just cut out. checked the spark wasn't one. checked error code but just showed the 12. if i leave it for 15mins or so it will go for another few kms but really need to leave it overnight to get 20kms out of it. its wacky and really...
  8. speed__demond

    help vr stalls sometimes

    ok vr on gas works most of the time but occasionally it stalls about 10 seconds after starting wch ****es me off because im already down the street after stalling it takes few seconds to start and sometimes stalls again but yet other times it runs fine dad said the injectors...