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  1. L

    l67 standard parts?

    Hey guys ... asked around in the l67 forums of facebook with no answer. just wondering what the standard size of the throttle body is for a L67 vt commie. and the Injectors LB for L67. tried googling all this with no answers again.
  2. B

    04 Monaro Sound equipment swap

    Ok so its not exactly commodore related, but for the last 5 years i have owned a 98 VT commodore S and have been a member for quite some time. I recently upgraded to an 04 Monaro Gen II and im looking to put most or all the sound equipment from my VT into the Monaro before i sell it off. What...
  3. T

    [VIC] WTB VZ SVZ standard 17" wheel rim

    ITEM: VZ SVZ standard 17" wheel rim LOCATION: Melbourne Vic CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pick up within 150 Kms of Melb, for the correct wheel rim. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit or Other CONTACT DETAILS: via this thread...

    [VIC] VN suspension and diff

    ITEM: Like title suggests, I've got a standard diff from a VN V6 sedan with rear springs, shocks and front struts with springs. I'm assuming all standard. Diff and springs are fine, shocks collapsed in the rear I think ? LOCATION: Rowville CONDITION: Used PRICE: $20 for the lot...
  5. jdrVZute

    My 2005 VZ Ute doesn't have ABS

    Why doesn't my 2005 VZ Ute have ABS Anti-lock Brakes? Shouldn't it be standard for a 2005 model? If anyone knows, please reply, Cheers.