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start up problems

  1. Z

    VY SS Starting problem

    Don’t know much about cars so that’s why I’m here asking for some opinions. Link below showing the car trying to turn over but just miss firing Thank you
  2. C

    VS Berlina 3.8L Massive Problems

    Serious issues with my car lately. Driving home about a month a go and it stalled 4 times in the space of 15 minutes. Managed to just start each time I rolled to the side and got it going. So it'll start if it's cold, but if it's been running for about 15 minutes, it won't start back up. It...
  3. S

    Car sounds like it wants to start but doesn't for up to 10 mins

    Recently the car (Commodore, Berlina 1999) is having real difficulty starting up right away. Turning the ignition on the car makes the sound of starting up but never manages to complete the process, this can sometimes go on for up to 10 minutes before the car will start. We thought the car was...
  4. 9

    Problems witth new car, help!

    hi, well i recently bought a 1994 vr berlina and i was told there were a few things wrong with it but i wasn't sure what. anyway i charged my battery because it was flat and when i went to turn it over it was just making a clicking noise and doesn't try turn over, im pretty sure the battery is...
  5. D

    VZ won't start after plug replacement

    Decided to replace the plugs on my VZ Cross 6 (Alloytec). Disconnected battery. Replaced plugs. Reconnected battery. Turned the key and engine fired up instantly and then cut out. Repeated a number of times and still the same. If I put my foot flat to the floor and turn the key it will rev...
  6. F

    mystery fuel pump problem vp 3.8L v6

    car stopped working thought problem was immobilizer so disconnected immobilizer system car was still not working and no fuel pump noise, so replaced fuel pump with new unit still no noise so checked fuel pump connection with test light and power was there thought there might be problem with fuel...
  7. A

    95 VR Commodore Gear problem

    I have a gear issue and seeking help. For the past few weeks the car does not want to change gears in time. When i start the car up in the morning, i let it run for a couple or minutes to warm up and when i start driving the gears do not want to change. For Example: I have to reach 40Km...
  8. L

    Re-Programming VT Commodore Key

    I have just re-programmed by VT Commodore (3 button) key following the battery going flat and button pads RS. You will need a working key and probably need to replace the head on this (which is probably due and still much cheaper that a new key). Here is how; 1. Buy new key head shells for...
  9. M

    99 Vt not always starting Help please

    Hi let me first start with the problem then what I have done. VT was fine for about 3 years she used to crank slow for the first crank then fire up no problem i was told this is common with VT's. now she in the morning sometimes she will fire up straight away and then stall only to just crank...
  10. S

    VZ ute ecotec wont start?

    I have an V6 04 VZ Ute At least twice a week when starting it up it will have ABS warnings(but ABS works perfectly). there are no trouble codes for this on car. Once a week it wont start at all, it will crank but wont start. You turn the key to accessory and see the instrument pannel lite...