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  1. P

    VE Switch Start

    Just need some light shined on the start ignition. Now i know its poo but its my name. I'm wanting to have a toggle switch for the ignition (Key still in barrel, turn to accsessory but use switch to start the motor). i was thinking i'd be able to just jump on the wire thats the last turn on...
  2. D

    Key battery missing when car was purchased, car won't start anymore.

    I've recently purchased a 99 VT equipe from my mother, who has upgraded, the key was already buggered and has been taken apart.. so it has no battery, which means no use of buttons, door lock entry etc.. but car would 99.9% of the time start second attempt at turning over. Now it cranks and...
  3. B

    VX V6 Won't Start

    As the title states, my car just won't start. It cranks just fine but won't fire. Plugs, leads and coil packs are only 6 months old. Have checked all fuses and relays as well as just installed a new fuel pump and filter. I thought it would've been the pump as I couldn't hear any priming when I...
  4. L

    vt 98 wont start need ideas

    Hey guys. got myself a sv6 done some work to it. second time i got this issue so far. car stalled and wont restart. im getting fuel into the system but the engine wont turn over. first time that it happened i was told to reset the ecu. worked the first time but now it wont work at all...
  5. D

    My Vz has sat for too long now won't kick over

    I lost my license about six months ago and had some twat that I know bugger the ignition barrel resulting in steering wheel lock. I've since magically fixed the barrel and now have a functional ignition etc but after charging the battery, I can't seem to get the motor to kick over. I've put fuel...
  6. T

    Holden Cruze wont start during cold weather.

    Hi All, I should probably firstly start with saying that I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to cars so I'm hoping you guys can give me some ideas or directions I should be looking to troubleshoot this issue. If anyone has had this problem before and knows how to resolve it... i'd like...
  7. C

    Problem turning over

    I have an issue with my 94 vs ute. It has probably been occurring since I got it 8 months ago, but seems to have become worse over the last few days. Often, when starting, it won't turn over, making instead like a low whirring noise, kind of like the first step of the startup process is...
  8. speed__demond

    help! i have spark and gas but no start.

    okay vr v6 it stoped working a few months back out of nowhere. I have another car so I left it but im trying to get rid of it now so gota fix it. it has spark and I replaced the coilpack anyway but didn't make a difference. I found a broken ground wire above the cas and fixed it but still...
  9. speed__demond

    vs 5l flat battery only sometimes wtf

    okay my vs 5l decides to have a flat battery sometimes but not aways. i have put in a brandnew alternator, battery and upgraded all my ground and charging wires to 0 guage. today it started after a few days no problem and ive started it a few times all day no worries, but tonight i have to...
  10. speed__demond

    vr v6 wont start then runs like crap

    Hey I have a vr v6 it was fine. Then all of a sudden wouldent fire up. I finally got it going and it was running like **** down the road. The idle was all over the joint. ive searched the forumsand cant find anything
  11. J

    VT won't start first go

    Hey guys, yeaturday I lowered the rear end of my car(exec vtii sedan), I put in king springs SL, but not the front yet(I don't have shocks yet) but not it doesn't start straight away, i turn the key, and it kicks and kicks and kicks, THEN it starts, whereas before it would start as soon as I...
  12. A

    Help Please - Intermittent engine start then immediate stall issue

    Hi all. I'm hoping someone can help me with an intermittent engine start then immediate stall issue. I have searched this site and found some useful posts/info which I have followed and replaced a number of parts as suggested by the posts but problem remains. Car is a stock 2000 VTII...
  13. K

    Vs Commodore S1, Immobiliser not working yet still able to start car.

    Hi Guys, My Vs commodore ute s1 1995ish wont start. I spoke to a few ppl over beers and they said its usually the key fob's battery that goes flat, So I got a new replacement key from Mister Minit $90(they copied the old keys code) I tried the new key, but nothing. You put the key in, turn...
  14. B

    VY starting issues without throttle.

    Hi guys new member to the forum but long time user of your vast knowledge (ass kisser but i need help)... Well here's the low down on the problem. For about 10-12 months now my vy executive (auto) has been struggling to start without me giving it some throttle. It has gradually gotten worse...
  15. N

    sparks when starting the car from passenger side

    hey everyone need help! everytime i start the engine it takes an extra second a spark comes out under the passenger dash, where the passenger puts their feet. how to fix or should i just go to the dealer and ask them?
  16. D

    Struggles on cold start - VE Berlina

    Hi all, I'm having a bit of an issue with my berlina, It seems to struggle on a cold start, if I am to reverse out of my parking bay the the steering is jerking like the power steering pump is struggling and the car seems to be sluggish for about 15sec then its fine. It's been happening...
  17. C

    [VIC] Car struggling to start

    Hey guys. I own a LPG VS acclaim, and it struggles to turn over when I first start it, every time after the first time it pretty much starts straight away. I replaced the starter motor (with one from the wreckers) and it turned out fine for about a month but then started to play up again...
  18. V

    Lost keys!

    Hey just wondering i want to take my car to the mechanic tomorrow to get the engine sorted out and i lost my f**king keys. Is there a way to start it to get it tohim and hopefully he can put in a new barrel and i can get a new key. Can you pm me with an answer? Thanks
  19. VNCalais3800

    VN V6 Calais Cranks Over But After Half A Turn Or So It Slows Cranking And Stops

    Hi all, I have a S1 VN V6 Calais that will crank over but after a quarter or half a turn it slows cranking and completely stops, i have tested the aldl via bridging the earth and test terminals and that displayed 1 flash pause 2 flash =12 everything ok. Battery has been charged and voltage is...
  20. V

    vp starts but wont rev

    i recently bought a vp v6 wagon and was told the only thing it needed to run was a fuel pump and ignition switch. i replaced both of those and the car starts but, the first few times it starts, it will only run for about 30 seconds then stall. after that, it could run anywhere between 5mins -...
  21. J

    VT 5.0 V8 won't start

    Hi all, I'm just about to start trying to fix this and would appreciate any advice. I've got a 5.0 V8 VT, it's been running rough at idle (misfire) for the last month or so and also felt sluggish up hills, it was fine at low revs if you put the foot down. The other things I've noticed...
  22. Paul_grima

    Car not Starting??

    Hi, I recently took out my dash for painting and when i was puting it all back together i accidently plugged the cluster in wrong and it short circuited. So at the moment there is no cluster plugged in. Now when i try to start the car it wont kick over... :S Ive tryed heaps and now its drained...
  23. D

    What the **** was that... engine start up issue

    When i left work this evening, i turned on my vt (auto) like any other day, all good, nno hassle, anywho, got home then about 10 minutes later went to move my car turned the key, it started, the car shook and rumbled then the engine stalled, 2nd time i did it, it rumbled and shook again but i...