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starter motor

  1. K

    Starter motor power cable

    Is the power cable to starter motor replaceable or is it part of the harness?
  2. K

    Potential starter motor? Unsure need help

    Hey guys, unsure if my starter motor is shagged or not, car won't start, and makes a clicking noise when turning key First thought battery was stuffed, tried to jump it, no go still clicking sound after it. Then read tapping on starter might help it start, and if it did, then it's the starter...
  3. andruku

    VS Ecotec starting issues

    Hi, First post, wanted some ideas on what could be the issue. Symptoms Fault is intermittent, car won’t start sometimes Turn the key to start and it clicks once. Car: 1996 Holden Berlina V6 auto What I’ve done. Charged battery, it started, used multimeter to test alternator was charging...
  4. E

    Starter motor/ ignition barrel/ who the hell knows!!

    Hey guys.... I'm new here and one hell of a warrior woman but when it comes to cars I have no idea and I'm worried about being taken for a ride by my mechanic as we are both well aware.....I have no idea about cars!! I have an 04 acclaim...was my mother's before me, always serviced looked after...
  5. B


    Hi guys I currently own a 2008 SV6 VE commodore (automatic) and last night, after turning the car off at the shops, coming back out two minutes later and trying to turn it back on, it wouldn't start or even turn over. Battery is fine as we tried it in a seperate car and it works in that one -...
  6. A

    My Vl won’t turn over

    okay so I’ve got a vl that has a RB20 in it, this engine came out of another running vl so the wiring is already customised to work with the RB20, I just need to figure out where everything goes, I’m pretty sure I wired the starter and alternator up properly but it still won’t crank, the battery...
  7. J

    Commodore VZ Wagon 2004 3.6L >>>> Starter Motor Removal

    Hi, I have read a few ideas regarding the removal of the starter motor but they dont seem to be the same on my version. Firstly the starter motor is on the passenger side, it seems to be located underneath the exhaust outlets coming from the engine block. There is a shield on top of the exhaust...
  8. DeathSammich

    L67 Wiring Harness Issue

    L67 has been put together but won't crnak at all. I ran a wire on the starter motor and it tries to crank so it isn't faulty. I used a statement harness I believe and the engine is a VX l67 and it's in a VT series 1. I'm using the VT ecu and BCM with the Ecotec Memcal that was in it just to make...
  9. S

    Battery flat, wouldn't turn over after recharge

    Battery went flat and car woudn't start. This had occurred once before. Recharged battery and same slow crank issue. Checked all earths, replaced a few terminals and checked the alternator and starter connections. Except I didn't check the starter because of access issues. Still no go with a...
  10. L

    SSV 6.0l VE Cranking Slowly

    Hi. My 2006 SSV cranks slowly. It always starts but I'm worried one day it wont. I've had the battery tested and the battery guy tells me the battery is good and "those V8 Commodores all crank slowly", but I asked a mate who has the same vehicle and he tells me his cranks fine. So I'm thinking...
  11. L

    VT V6 (1999) starter motor replacement

    Hi, just got under my VT V6 to see if I'm able to remove the starter motor myself. I could remove two vertical bolts on the bottom and one horizontal bolt on the top of it. But I can't figure out how to disconnect the wires. Should I use 13mm ring spanner to undo "30" B+ Terminal and pull off...

    VY SS Starter Motor Clicking

    My ute has good voltage at rest 12.5v and charging under load 13.5v. Car runs if bump started or jumped but not off key. I can only hear solenoid clicking. Is there anything else to check before changing starter? Recomended brands to buy and to stay away from please. Thanks guys
  13. VTCommoDude

    VT Commodore won't start (video)

    The video explains it all. Lately I've had to turn it over 2-3 times to get it to start. It won't start if i turn it to the accs position, only if i start it with a full turn. I bought a new key and synced it by turning the car on, then swapping the key heads. But it hasn't made it...
  14. JuStDaN

    Starter motor staying on (VH 253 povo pack)

    Hi lads, I seem to have run into a random problem with the starter motor that I haven't experienced before. When key comes off the 'start' position, even switched totally off, the starter motor continues to turn over. The only thing that stops it is disconnecting the battery. What's even...
  15. B

    New battery already drained?

    Hi guys. I have a bit of a problem with my holden commodore VT series 2. I bought a new battery about 10 months ago and its supposed to last me about 3-5 years but over the passed week the vt has not started because i'm only getting 1.7 volts of the 12.5 i should be getting. there is...
  16. M

    Ecotech starting problems

    Hi guys, im new here so go easy on me! :kiss: I've got a '97 VS and she has a few issues starting hot. I've already replaced the alternator and starter motor (brand new from Repco). When the new starter went in, it worked fine for about a month and now its starting to become hard to start again...
  17. Q

    replacing starter motor

    Hi guys, I had a few issues with starting my car recently, so put a second had starter in and am having the same problems, I have purchesed a new hi torque starter and have since realised it wasnt the starter itself but the wires running to the starter, I'm going to put the new starter on as I...
  18. I

    VP wagon electrical problems

    It's a 3.8 auto. As soon as I drive it for more than say 15 mins and turn it off it won't start again just makes a "click" noise. I'm guessing this is starter motor related so I purchased a second hand part from a local wreckers which I haven't had fitted yet. At the old mans suggestion I...
  19. Spudz

    Vs Commodore, WTF?!?!!???

    Ok so i was at the gfs house earlier tonight, went there in the vs commodore no problems whatsoever.. Until i went to leave.. I got in, tried to start it, and it sounded like the starter motor was jammed. Ignition came on, lights were working, stereo, everything. So i was there for about an hour...
  20. S

    Wiring problems in a VR ute, no power ANYWHERE!!

    hi, just replaced the fuel pump in my Vr series II ute, ran for a minute now nothing!! fuel pump wont wind up at all, and now it wont turn over because im only getting 4V to the starter. im getting 12V to all my relays and fuses, but the fuel pump fuse is only getting 11V. should this be a...
  21. V

    Vz wont start Starter motor? plzz helppp

    Hey people, finished work had my car parked under my work. got in the car tried to start it all i got was CLINK CLINK CLINK CLINK?? open the bonnet made sure all the connections were right, CLINK CLINK CLINK. Put the key in let the screen thing load up, It says.. ABS FAULT? all i can hear is...
  22. R

    VY Calais wont start

    Ok, so I have a 2003 VY Calais Supercharged that wont kick over. It has happened a few times before but it eventually kicked over, but not this time. What happens is you put the key in the ignition, and try to turn it over, you can hear it trying to, then just loud rapid clicking sounds. It...
  23. ryan21

    vn wont start!!!

    hey guys, Changed my water pump and did a coolant flush this week one of the bolts snapped and had to tap it..ughhh and as if all that's not bad enough when everything was put back together went to start it to bleed the system and all it does is tick from the starter relay every time the key...
  24. G

    VERY URGENT: VR electrical issue

    Hi folks, I've previously started a thread in the VR/VS general section, with NO luck (as no-one has replied). My VR Acclaim (Series II - converted to BW T5) has a rather crippling electrical fault somewhere, and I need to know where to find it. Symptoms shown (or smelt): * blowing...
  25. F

    Ecotec - Starter motor issues after jump start

    Had a few drinks with the boys last night, and my car was dedicated stereo. A set of jumper leads live in the boot so I wasn't concerned about a flat battery. When morning rolled around, I hooked a little suzuki ute up with the leads and attempted to turn it over (Ute was still running). It got...
  26. xtreme_sony

    My Starter Motor Is out of Auto but Looks Same As Manual, Please Help. i have pics.

    Yer in process of converting my VP v6 to a manual, i just took out the starter motor and found it to look the same, i have attached some pictures. I know manual starters work on Auto but not the other way, so maybe mine is a manual one. Please tell me. Thanks. ;)