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  1. B

    VT SS blowing main fuse (SOLVED)

    Hi i bought a vt ss a few days ago and everything was fine untill yesterday i went to start the car and and all power went out, checked fuses and the main fuse (60amp) has blown, replaced with another and tried again, blew once more. Not sure whats cauing this to happen but cant drive the car...
  2. S

    Starting issue help!

    Okay so the problem started a few days ago I was driving home accelerating quite hard and heard a large metallic *bang* and metal shrapnel go all over the road. I had pulled over and turned the car off about 300m later checked under the car, saw nothing. As I went to start the car back up all it...
  3. N

    vr 5.0 starter motor problem

    im at a loss. ive changed my starter on my vr v8 and for some reason the starter is making contact with the ring gear. having replaced the big vr starter with a smaller vs one,which ive done before. i thought maybe the bracket off the old starter had broken and was pushing the new starter...
  4. C

    Problem turning over

    I have an issue with my 94 vs ute. It has probably been occurring since I got it 8 months ago, but seems to have become worse over the last few days. Often, when starting, it won't turn over, making instead like a low whirring noise, kind of like the first step of the startup process is...
  5. J

    Vy starter cause batterie issues

    Basically what is happening is that when I turn the ignition the starter is making a squeeking noise for a second or 2. I know it is the starter motor itself being well past its used by date. What I want to find out is, is this defective motor placing more stress on the battery during start...
  6. Q

    replacing starter motor

    Hi guys, I had a few issues with starting my car recently, so put a second had starter in and am having the same problems, I have purchesed a new hi torque starter and have since realised it wasnt the starter itself but the wires running to the starter, I'm going to put the new starter on as I...
  7. H

    Odd starting fault

    Okay - went to my car on Saturday morning, it was dead flat, i.e. doors wouldn't unlock with remote, battery measured about 5V. The car had been driven on Thursday about 30k trip no issues. Well I figured it must just be a faulty battery since the car is at that age so i went to the neighbours...
  8. somefool

    can anyone interpret?? relay wiring.

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of installing an alarm system, CD player and LEDs + fixing broken stuff from dodgy previous installer. I'm up to wiring in the starter motor kill relay but am somewhat lost as to interpreting the diagrams that came with the alarm. As far as i can gather, it...
  9. A

    vs berlina starter problem

    car wont turn over but starter motor clicks, battery is charged terminals are tight, was working awhile ago but has been sitting for a month or 2.....do i need to replace the starter motor?