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starting problems

  1. boomer03

    Mystery not starting problem

    Hi all. Been a long time since I've been here. Lost my VK in the divorce. Sigh... Anyway, daughters VX V6 wagon has a starting problem. It won't start immediately. She has to put the key in and turn the ignition on, then wait for 6 minutes. I don't know why 6 minutes, but it will then start...
  2. S

    2004 VY Ute - problem starting - electrical?

    Vehicle Details: 2004 5.7 VY SS Manual Ute Hi guys, Sean here. Okay so this doesn't happen all the time, maybe once or twice a week. When I turn the engine on it struggles. It rev's around 200 - 300 rpm for about 5 seconds then comes right, however, once this is happening whenever I...
  3. J

    VP doesn't start hot

    Hi guys, I have a 93 VP Holden Ute 3.8 litre. I'm having trouble with it not start after I've taken it for a drive, and sometimes it feels like it's chocking when I take off, it'll start only if I leave it for a night though to cool down. I just replaced the fuel pressure regulator, it also has...
  4. W

    VR auto ute Starting Problem!

    hi guys im having trouble starting my vr commodore ute, when i turn the key all i get is a clicking noise i suspected the starter motor so replaced with a second hand one and still had the same problem so then i checked the voltage at the starter motor (which i should of did first before...
  5. J

    Starting Troubles, please help!

    Hey guys, so I have a VY Commodore with intermittent starting issues. I have seen a few threads about the same problem but none with real conclusive answers that have worked on my car. This issue has been occurring for a couple of months now and has cost me a small fortune taking it to mechanics...
  6. J

    Starting fault-Fuel related URGENT HELP PLEASE

    Hey lads, My vt v6 commodore is having some problems On saturday, drove it 10 kms then a POP *Backfire* and the car shut off, it was low on fuel so off i went to get a jerry can worth of fuel. Got the car started, drove it to the petrol station with it being odd/lumpy driving up one hill, then...
  7. S

    Vz lumina lound ting when starting

    [SIZE=4][SIZE=5]:boxing: HI iv got a vz lumina thats starting to play up car is in really good condition but some times when i turn over to start & it dosent there is a single loud TING noise so i turn off and try again untill it works there is no error msg went from doing it once a mth to once...
  8. S

    Erratic cranking, no start

    Hello I have 2006 VE V6. It often does not crank when key on Start, sometimes it will crank but not long enough for the engine to run "split of a second". P0615 is present but battery is new, terminals clean and even jumper to a brand new batter in parallel to make sure voltage is not low, I...
  9. R

    Intermittent starting problem vs 5.0L statesman

    I have been having problems starting on either LPG or petrol, it seems to happen if it doesn't start first or second crank then I will have the issue. I have cleaned and tightened the engine earths, cleaned the contact pins on the ignition module. When the problem occurs on LPG, it will start...
  10. L

    VR may have died - any idea what it could be?

    Ok, I was driving along and I kinda heard/felt a 'thump' and then it literally rolled to a stop - hasn't fired since. It turns over ok, no nasty noises, just won't start. A bit of history: this is an 'old' VR - the clock stopped at about 285ks about 4 years ago... i did a computer fault...
  11. C

    [VIC] Car struggling to start

    Hey guys. I own a LPG VS acclaim, and it struggles to turn over when I first start it, every time after the first time it pretty much starts straight away. I replaced the starter motor (with one from the wreckers) and it turned out fine for about a month but then started to play up again...
  12. K

    Car wont start..possible fuel pump

    i went away on boxing day and came back new years day..car was left undercover..but was between 35-40c everyday..tried to start my car..and it turns over just wont fire and start..its got over half a tank of fuel and says i have 420kms worth of fuel, if i leave it for two days it will start for...
  13. Scrubmonk

    VS V8 Intermittant Starting Problem

    I have a 5L VS SeriesII auto, with a cam, foam tune and full twin exhaust. Never any issue with cold starts. Runs great and never cuts out while driving, economoy and performance is as expected. But have an ongoing issue with it occasionally not starting after a short run, then after 15 mins...
  14. G

    vp wont start in hot weather (very strange )

    Hi Guys I have this problem when the weather is very warm and the car has been sitting in the sun. When i press the remote the doors unlock and the flashing light goes off on the console, but the car wont turn over to start it. I try to press the remote a few times but nothing, i have to open...
  15. V

    Riddle me this! 1993 VP series II 3.8L Calais won't start.

    Battery is fine. Plenty of fuel. Tryed to get it running last night (Jump starting, then called RACV - load of good that did) would not start no matter what. Woke up this morning jumped in the car and it started straight away, drove home, parked in driveway, turned off. Tried to turn...