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  1. B


    Hi all, I am a bit confused, I recently bought a Calais that has been sitting for 18 months, put a battery in and nothing except fuel gauge error Ok ecu is dead , can start it by paper clip in relay no probs and keeps starting for a while afterwards then nothing after leaving it overnight, so...
  2. D

    Starting issue with 02 Berlina

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I am at wits end with my car. I have a 2002 Holden Berlin's with 230k km on the clock, and in addition to being my transportation, it is also my home. I have had a reoccurring issue with it having problems starting up, cold and hot, the engine cranks...
  3. Adrian's Vr

    LPG issues

    Hi all me again, so i rebuilt my motor and all underneath and interior for my Ls and now it runs fine and all but i put a manual ecu in and copied all the lpg wires, but when i switch over to it the gas primes then starts for a second but switches of again, before my build it started when cold...
  4. Rich00

    Vz sv6 won't start by key

    Gday all I have a 05 sv6 auto. It has developed a ongoing problem and has gotten worse and worse gradually. If i try to start the engine all that happens is 'fuel gauge error' and 'service vehicle soon'. The immobilser is not activated and no other lights on dash indicating other issues. It...
  5. B

    97 VS starting issues

    1997 VS Commodore Hi everyone, I'm having troubles with starting my vs commodore. When I first start it in the morning, it takes ages to start,, it turns over but it takes several tries before eventually starting. It seems to be getting worse. But, once I've already driven it, it starts on the...
  6. I

    Vt executive starting issu

    Hey all, My Commodore vt executive v6 over the last couple months has twice after relatively short trips been turned off and then not started again until cooled down and now it won't start at all, the lights on the dash come on and I hear the fuel pump whir and click off but it makes a horrific...
  7. darrenvp23

    vp wont start HELP!!

    hi my v6 l27 vp wont start, it feels like the timings out ive got spark, fuel and air. ive got a new DFU, PLUGS, LEADS, COIL PACKS, CAS, INTAKE AIR TEMP SENSOR, NEW TOP END GASKETS and ive triple checked the timing marks but it still wont go, I can get it to splutter to life when it's a bit...
  8. R

    Supercharged VX starting difficulties recently. Now wont start at all.

    Hey folks. Ride is a VXii 3.8 supercharged. Had the car 3 years, very reliable, always started first kick. Three weeks ago i blew a heater valve in heater hose line. Engine beeped very hot, computer appeared to shut down engine and i was roadside for a day...
  9. C

    Problem turning over

    I have an issue with my 94 vs ute. It has probably been occurring since I got it 8 months ago, but seems to have become worse over the last few days. Often, when starting, it won't turn over, making instead like a low whirring noise, kind of like the first step of the startup process is...
  10. C

    VX dual fuel playing up

    2001 VX dual fuel. Lpg was not factory fitted. Auto 6cyl. Running ok then latly started cutting out while driving. Usually when revs are low or when taking off. Dash board lights up then either goes away and runs normaly or will turn off completly. Lights and everything. Will go pop bonet...
  11. Curran

    Car acting real weird

    so where to begin, i have a vt berlina that just doesnt like starting i can get in it of a morning it will start fine drive into town (15 minute drive) and when i get there turn it off and go to turn it back on straight away and get nothing. just starter motor clicking. my first instinct was...
  12. J

    New Battery - Strange starting issue

    Hi all My old battery was on its last legs for awhile... I was reviving it occasionally with the charger. Anyway it finally died on Friday night. It wouldn't turn over at all. It would just make to clicking sound from the solenoid I assumed. It wouldn't take any charge from the charger...
  13. S

    Erratic cranking, no start

    Hello I have 2006 VE V6. It often does not crank when key on Start, sometimes it will crank but not long enough for the engine to run "split of a second". P0615 is present but battery is new, terminals clean and even jumper to a brand new batter in parallel to make sure voltage is not low, I...
  14. T

    VT Starting issues - Urgent

    Hi guys... I have a starting problem. I had what sounded like a flat battery two days ago. I've replaced the battery and the problem went away. The car isn't starting again. Still has all working dash lights and it's turning over however it won't kick into life. It hasn't had any warning...
  15. N

    How to bypass the immobiliser, don't want the car towed to the locksmith!

    Hello everyone, I am a backpacker from Slovenia and I am having a problem with my Holden Commodore VT 1999 station wagon. I am in Agnes Water right now and I dropped the only key I have in water and now it doesn't start the car anymore. I have talked to a couple of locksmith companies in...
  16. F

    VT commodore LPG problem, car won't run on LPG only petrol

    well it just started a few hours ago, i was running petrol then I tried to flick over to lpg the engine would stall, I tried up to 20 times to start the car on LPG and it just would not start, so i got home on petrol, any Ideas on what could be the problem
  17. Jjfur87

    VT starting Issue

    I have a '97 VT Acclaim, and I've been having issues with it starting. It starts up first time without any issues, but if I drive it somewhere, and then turn it off, it won't start again, unless I leave it for at least 15 minutes. All the electrics come on, but it won't turn over, almost as if...
  18. S

    positive and negitive wires sparked

    Hi All, I accediently touched the positive and negitive wire used for mobilephone charging in my VY Acclaim. I got a spark .The car in not starting now and the display says contact service centre and the engine image is comming up on the dash board. Radio, head and indicator lights are working...
  19. Y

    VS ECO tec Fires up runs then dies

    Hi Guys, I am stummped here .... Driving home other day & vs eco tec died !! started again but only for 7 seconds..Today I have checked fuel pump,filter & spark all that works fine!! ... AFter I done those checks It started and ran for 2 mins(idle) then died..I then started it...
  20. detox_nath83

    Vl Starting Problem Tried the obvious(Sorry New Thread)

    Ok Guys as I have not been here since April 2007 somebody I would say has opened a thread similar. I got a problem and I have tried for weeks to rectify. Vl commo wont start now. Previously it was driving nice then was just cutting out anywhere at any RPM. I have changed AFM Checked all...
  21. davo43

    My VZ wagon keeps refusing to start!

    Ok so I'll start from the start... The mrs and I bought a VZ executive wagon about a month ago as we needed something bigger and more comfortable to drive across Australia at the end of the year... We were really happy with it until approximately a week after we bought it when I stopped at...