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statesman caprice 1996

  1. Gunsmith

    '96 Vs Statesman V6

    Picked up a 96 series 1 vs stato for about $1600 so much love for this car. theres heaps I want to do it, cosmetically and performance wise. I've already started a little bit with a sound system, chrome door handles, caprice grille, xenons, window tint what I want to do: replace...
  2. jones-84

    VS Caprice Series 1 Manual Conversion

    hey guys im new here so hoping i got the right area :) im converting my 1996 vs caprice v8 to manual in 2 weeks and just want a little heads up on any complications i may run into i have all the parts. im just a little unsure about: 1. can i run my original ecu and memcal or just change the...