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station wagon

  1. S

    [QLD] ADVENTRA 2005 CX6 Vz Engine Noise HELP PLEASE!

    Hey Guys, I have the above model Adventra with approx 150,000km on the clock. Along with the last service the fan, air con belts, etc were all replaced by a mobile registered mechanic that I had used on a couple of previous occasions. Next morning on starting, it made a noise very similar to a...
  2. K

    s/w wont stay on!

    hey guys i recently couldent start my car and found out it was just the fuel pump(well i thought) but since ive changed it it starts fine everytime ...... but sometimes when im driving it will die and ill have to pull over and start car again, starts fine everytime but this happens everytime i...
  3. B

    door handle not working

    My VX dirvers door is not opening when unlocked with remote. Will unlock when key is used. Looks like the door is not popping up enough when used with remote. Any idea's on what needs to be done?