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steering lock

  1. E

    Starter motor/ ignition barrel/ who the hell knows!!

    Hey guys.... I'm new here and one hell of a warrior woman but when it comes to cars I have no idea and I'm worried about being taken for a ride by my mechanic as we are both well aware.....I have no idea about cars!! I have an 04 acclaim...was my mother's before me, always serviced looked after...
  2. G

    Steering lock

    Hey guys how hard is it to break a steering lock??
  3. A

    Replaced broken ignition barrel, now steering lock won't engage. Suggestions welcome

    Hi Everyone! this is my first post here and I just have to say that this website is absolutely fantastic! Helped me learn alot about my car. Anyways, so yesterday my ignition came loose and my car wouldn't start. I checked the forum and found that I might have change the ignition barrel. Turns...
  4. R

    Vz SS Steering Locked up

    Hey, Have a VZ ss with steering lock up problem, Steering wheel was knocked and it locked up, Normally just put the key in and rattle wheel and it unlocks, But cannot even turn key regardless of all the effort put in. Anyone had the same or similar problem that could make any suggestions?
  5. O

    VT Calais steering lock not engaging.

    When I remove the key from the ignition of my 1998 VT Calais the steering lock doesn't engage. With the key removed I turn the wheel a fair bit left and right but the steering doesn't lock. Everything else with the ignition and key is working fine. I'm pretty certain I used to hear a click...
  6. D

    vz ss steering locking??

    any one with a vz ss know of or had problem with the steering locking while driving?? and if the steering column and ignition barrel needs to be replaced or just one of?