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steering mod

  1. djaa

    Can I fit Tie rod spacers to my VS for more lock

    I have some spacers made up for VS ute, but when I took the boot off the tie rod(drivers side,where pinion gear is) it didn't look like their would enough clearance on the rack to allow the extra 5mm (width of spacer) of extra lock. :bang: Could someone please tell me if there is enough...
  2. VRV6BT1

    manual steering rack into vr?

    Hey, I've been looking at putting a VL manual steering rack into my VR. So at this point it appears I need a VL manual steering rack(duh) A VL intermediate(I think its called) bar. And use my existing vr tie rod ends. Apparently I have to use the top of the bar in my VR and the bottom...