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steering rack

  1. F


    Just got my steering rack replaced in my Vz sv6 and now it’s coming up with check Powertrain on the dash, any ideas? Only has 125000ks
  2. J

    Vt power sensitive steering

    Hey guys i need some help. I just did a ls1 conversion from a vt series2 calais to a vt series 2 berlina. All went well apart from one thing. The calais had power sensitive steering and the berlina didnt. So now it has heavy steering all round. I dont have the wiring loom to swap it over. Does...
  3. R

    Replacing Outer tie rod

    Hey everyone I am replacing my Outer tie rod on my vt Commodore. Here's the thing I've taken out the old tie rod and when I'm trying to put in the new one, it won't screw in. It turns maybe once and that's it. I bought the new part from Autopro and told him it's for a vt Commodore. The part...
  4. MR VXS2

    The mysterious commodore front end clunk, knock, tap noise when turning.SOLVED.

    OMFG.... For over a month now, Ive been chasing this noise. Every time I turn left, but more so to the right, I would get this little tap, or knock sound from the front of the car, underneath or near my feet. Wouldn't do it while sitting still, even when turning the wheels from lock to lock...
  5. J

    VE SV6 Wagon series 2

    Just bought a series 2 VE SV6 2012 Wagon from a dealer and I just have a couple of concerns, they provided a RWC but I'm not sure what the following may be: -When doing a U-turn I get a creeky sound so I think there may be an oil leak in the steering rack? -When the car starts up there's a noise...
  6. Jack Shalavin

    Help - need service advice

    I'm the new (second-hand) owner of a Manual VX Commodore S Series II and also a new member of this forum. I have recently gotten it serviced and checked at Kmart Tyre and Auto Service and they have revealed some issues. Firstly the caster rod bushes need to be replaced which they are quoting me...
  7. W

    VU Steering Slip

    I've got an '02 VU SS with an LS1. I recently replaced the steering rack - old one was leaking - with a reco from eBay. That was about 2k km's ago. I've now just found a new problem with the steering. With the motor running, turning the wheel either way and with the first sign of resistance the...
  8. A

    VT knock / click from engine/steering

    Calling all commodore gods. Keen to know your opinions, my VT has a knocking/clicking noise, primarily when I take off or turn a corner at lower speeds. It feels like a steering rack issue perhaps but then I read up about engine mounts.... The cars done 290,000 and has been well looked...
  9. J

    VT Driving with out a Cotter Pin Otherwise known as split pin in the tire rod end.

    I was changing over a boot on my power steering rack and I have Broken the top of the tire rod bolt. In the meantime between getting a new tire rod I have cut the end of the bolt so I could get the nut on.. I know this isn't the safest thing to do but I still need to drive around town is...
  10. J

    Steering Rack Vt Commodore ISSUE! Need Help !!

    Hey guys, I Own a vt commodore and iv noticed the steering rack boot has SH*T Itself ... Pictures below.. Should I get a hole new steering rack or just the boot for it ? And how long can I go driving it like it is.. ? I'm on a pretty tight budget..
  11. thebot123

    Bad Problems with Power steering!

    Gday guys, having a bit of a problem with my 93 VP, basicly my car has been sitting around for a couple of months without rego, i decided to start driving her again and when i started her up power steering fluid started leaking really badly from the top of the power steering pump, i got told by...
  12. M

    Driving me Insane

    I just had my v6 15" stockies changed to 18" alloys with new tyres . Everything was fine until i drove on the freeway. There was alot of steering wheel vibration around 110-130kmph mark ,first thng came into my mind was Balancing out , took it back to the tyre place , they redid it for me, next...
  13. L

    VS Steering Rack into VP

    Will A VS Calais Steering Rack fit a VP Calais?
  14. H

    How to tighten a steering rack end?

    Can someone give me a step by step picture instruction of how to tighten a steering rack end please for my holden commodore vs 1995? and how tight am i suppose to tighten it, if this is a dumb question to ask, please say that to the guy who told me to do it, it's just for my ROAD WORTHY...
  15. K

    VY II S Steering Noise

    Hi all, I hear a knocking noise from the front left side when I steer. This is not frequent and does not happen while driving on the road. However, it only happens in slow speed steering- Ie. getting out of a car park or getting out of a driveway. Would anyone have any clues on why this would...
  16. F

    Horrible sound when turning left...

    Hi people, long time reader first time poster Every time i turn left or reverse left a horrible sound emits :eek:, its really hard to describe, but what i do know is that this never occured before the steering rack was replaced, is it normal and does the new steering rack need to wear in...