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steering wheel

  1. Glaze

    Steering wheel question

    Hey all Have a 2002 Calais doing few things to get it roadworthy. Noticed the horn doesn’t work and the horn pad is very spongy I could almost sink my hand into it... another issue is the airbag light is on. So with these 2 things in mind my assumption is the airbag may have been deployed...
  2. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] How To Remove Steering Wheel Controls Altogether?

    Hi, I've got an aftermarket head unit in my car (that I put in myself, works fine) but I didn't pay the extra 100 or so bucks for the steering wheel control function as I never really used them on the original one. Is there a way to remove the steering wheel controls altogether, or are they...
  3. yamahahatim

    Vz ss Steering wheel spokes

    My Vz ss satin chrome steering wheel spokes have developed bubbles.... It looks crap, any suggestions on alternative.... Vinyl wrap?? Yes, I know you can buy new ones... this set only lasted 18 months..
  4. Megawilsound

    Adding Radio Buttons

    Hi All, I have to replace the clock spring on my VT Belina Waggon, what I want to know is can I replace the old one with the connections for the Radio Controls? I do at some point need to fit a new head unit and would like to have the controls on the steering wheel. Thanks Megawilsound
  5. Megawilsound

    Adding Radio Controls

    Hi All, I have to replace the clock spring on my VT Belina Waggon, what I want to know is can I replace the old one with the connections for the Radio Controls? I do at some point need to fit a new head unit and would like to have the controls on the steering wheel. Thanks Megawilsound
  6. M

    Vf steering converting on a vx

    Hi there guys, Just wondering what I would have to do in order to get a vf flat bottem steering wheel to fit a vx commy, Would I have to do a complete steering column swap or is there a way to modify the existing steering assembly to fit the steering wheel, I have a 2002 Vx commodore...
  7. F

    Steering upgrade 2010 Holden Commodore Omega

    2010 Holden Comm Omega 3.0L V6 Did anyone here don any upgrades to Omega steering wheel or its performance Its a bit hard for someone with a light handle - ofcourse its an old model and im sure its not just the steering we can change to have the smooth feeling. But if there is - is there a...
  8. S

    Vf hsv steering wheel onto vy

    As per title I have found a vf hsv steering wheel without a airbag or buttons does any know if it would fit a vy or if anyone has done it how did you do it?
  9. A

    Losing my steering wheel controls

    Morning, Since the day I got my VE Calais (Series 1, non V) I've noticed that the left hand controls (change track/preset on steering wheel) scroll wheel only sometimes works, also the station or track I'm on in the digital speedo window sometimes doesn't appear. If I spam the TRIP button on...
  10. Hancock5158

    Fitting SRS steering wheel on non-airbag VS. (+ turn signal cancel fix)

    Good evening. I just got done fitting a genuine HSV leather steering wheel out of a VS Clubsport into my non-airbag series III VS ute. Couldnt find much info on the matter before i started so once it began looking like it might actually work i decided to snap a cuttla pictures before i put it...
  11. P

    Steering wheel controls not working - VZ

    Hey guys and girls, i have a VZ SV6 commodore and i changed my head unit in april to a JVC KW-R500 and i used an aeropro control harness to allow my steering wheel controls to work and it did, but after a couple of months i installed my sub and amp since then my steering wheel controls haven't...
  12. C

    HSV/Momo VP Steering wheel

    Hi All, I've just bought a red VP SS....I'm reliving my P plate days in Sydney where this was my first car. I'm trying to track down the same steering wheel I had on the original car. Can anyone help with which HSV the above steering wheel came form? Thanks
  13. C

    [VIC] WTB- HSV/Momo VP non airbag steering wheel

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: LOCATION: I'm based in Melbourne however I'll pay for transport from anywhere in Australia CONDITION: I'll look at all conditions CONTACT DETAILS:[email protected] or 0412 827 961 I hope someone has one out there and that you...
  14. L

    VF Steering Wheel

    Ive got a 94 VR Berlina, with an airbag. The fuse has been missing since i got the car (for the airbag) my first question, does anyone know of any common problems or reasons why i shouldnt put a new fuse in? Ie airbag going off? Also, does anyone know if a VF steering wheel will fit onto...
  15. D

    Billet Specialties Steering wheel to fit VH Commodore

    All, I am looking at getting a Billet Specialties steering wheel for my VH Commodore. Does anyone know what boss kit will match up with these and a VH commodore steering column. Has anyone done this fit up before that they could give me some advice on? Thanks.
  16. N

    Vt problems

    Just bought a vt off the net. It seemed good on test drive so I got it home. Roadworthy check tells me that there are lots of things need replacing or repairs. The few that are concerning me are the engine mounts, how hard of a job is that? The steering wheel casing is loose, any fixes for that...

    MOMO VK Brock Steering Wheel Re-release!

    Looks like lucky VK Brock owners get a last chance to get a new MOMO steering wheel with the apparently impossible to get horn retaining ring!
  18. JTR007

    Steering wheel change

    Hey, is it possible to put a VY or VZ steering wheel on a VN? Thanks, :)
  19. Hektic

    ESP turns off Automaticly and stays off Help

    Hi, I recently changed my factory steereing wheel to a leather one from an sv6 , since then when i drive the car ESP Goes of and stays off till i park the car, i tried pressing the traction button toturn it back on wont hapin ( button still works though i checkd it )
  20. B

    Billet Specialties steering wheel into VH Commdoore

    Has anyone every fitted a bittel specialties steering wheel to a VH commodore? If so, does anyone know which boss kit is needed? Thanks.
  21. R

    Swapping VS Steering Wheel with a VY steering wheel

    Hey All! Im kinda of sick of the ugly VS steering wheel in my VS commodore! and I LOVE the VY steerign Wheel. Is it possible to swap the steering wheels over? is it simple like removing the old one and putting the new one in or does it take a bit of modifications? or is it just not possible??
  22. B

    vs non airbag horn wiring

    so ive gotta get a roadworthy, changing the boss kit back to stock, except i think im missing a wire? i got the normal 2 wires from each horn buttong going into the connector, which has 1 purple wire going into the steering wheel, the square crimp one (earth i think) and im sure theres a wire...
  23. V

    vx steering wheel controls

    I have a 2001 vx executive and have a problem with the steering wheel controls, and have found out the wire behind the steering wheel is not going to anywhere. I have taken a photo of it but my intenet is slow atm will upload it later, it is the brown wire with a yellow wire with red stripe on...
  24. luvaofcarz

    Fitting VY Steering Wheel into VT Series 1

    I am just wondering if anyone has fitted a VY Steering Wheel into a VT Series 1, I know that it has been done in series 2 and vx, but is the clock spring the same as the VX? If not can a VY Clock spring fit into VT Series 1. Also currently I dont have steering wheel controls, but if I get a VY...
  25. VesperZ

    Illumination for audio buttons on steering wheel

    Hey guys just a quick one, in order to illuminate the audio buttons on the steering wheel do I just have to replace my clockspring to a Calais clockspring or are there are parts involved?
  26. JSTCOZ

    Steering wheel making a weird noise

    Alrighty, I was driving my car last night through my estate and realised that at lower speeds when i turn the steering wheel it started making weird noises. A bit like when you turn the wheel from full turn one way to full turn the next but it is also now when I moved it casually left and right...
  27. <atomicL93>

    [SA] VL calais bits, sports steering wheel, RB30 series2.

    ITEM: -VL calais grey rooflining. -VL calais grey sunvisors. -VL calais rear quarter window inside surrounds. -VL calais front kick panels. -Momo Millenium Style sports steering wheel SOLD. -RB30 block series 2 (has bits for oil feed/drain for turbos) just the block no head or hot side, was...
  28. VSV6

    VS Steering Wheel

    Hey guys after using the "FFS search bar" and coming back with **** all, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if there is a way to get the cover off the Steering Wheel for the VS? I'm repainting my whole dash and wanted to paint the cover, and trying to tape it up is a bitch, the tape doesn't...
  29. D

    Radio Steering Wheel Controls

    Hello, One of the buttons of the radio control on the wheel on my '04 Commodore Exec VZ has become loose though i was wondering how i could remove or access the whole control unit to see if i can fix it. I went to Holden the other day and they said that i have to get a new control unit...
  30. B

    Steering Column sideplay, Help!

    Hi, just got a new/old VY, depending on where the adjustment is locked, the steering wheel moves left to right, the top clamp bolts are tight, there are 2 arms under the bolts that don't seem to do anything, is something missing.. any help appreciated...
  31. G

    My VL steering wheel.

    i have just bought my frist VL commodore and it has a wood grain carnished steering wheel in it. i have it booked in for a road worthy and i was just wondering if that steering wheel was roadworthy? it still has a working horn in the car though!
  32. hsvtj

    VE steering wheel on older model?

    hey guys, just out of interest, has anyone seen or managed to get a VE steering wheel on an older commodore? might look a bit cool if it can be done. i know you probably wont get the buttons on the wheel to do much, but who cares.