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stereo install

  1. 9

    alpine stereo system problems

    hey guys I have just installed the following stuff into my vt alpine type s 6.5 inch speakers in all doors components in front and two alpine type s 12" subs in the boot with an alpine 1100w mono amp and the speakers are running off an alpine 640w 4 channel amp. once all this was installed I...
  2. S

    Dimensions of VS stereo/headunit

    Hey, I know headunits come in single din and double din sizes but apparently the depths vary? If that's true, how deep is the cavity for the headunit on a VS? I live rural and don't want to find out half-way through that the unit I bought isn't going to fit
  3. V

    Please help! Vn berlina stock stereo removal

    Hey y'all! I'm having a lot of trouble trying to pull this sucka out! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I've tried to pull off the faschia around the stereo and also the climate control area... to no avail. I've hung upside down on the passengers side seat to see if there was...
  4. C

    my VY sv8 custom stereo install /boot

    Im almost finished my 5 sub install on my vy, just thought id share some pics of the process an maybe help someone else not have to figure it out the hard way (this is the 3rd boot design in 2 weeks) but hopefully this is the last one. Its not quite finished, just gotta finish up the carpets an...
  5. K

    Need help with VE headunit & current Clarion

    Hi guys, So i had a mate disconnect my VE's headunit and attached a Clarion headunit in replace of it... The VE stereo is still connected and alive but does not operate.. obviously the Clarion now controls the speakers/amp/sub which is indeed what i wanted. However i want to have my actual...
  6. G

    Changing Stereo help

    Hey Guys, I've looked on here for a 'how to' on changing a standard VY stereo with a new single din one but haven't found one. Can anyone tell me how to do this? and what do I do with the loose wires that'll be from the steering wheel controls? Cheers!
  7. sIIVY_tommy

    need a quick simple guide to amp and speaker install in vy ute

    g'day all, commodores bought me here! ill have pics of my ride up soon and more info :) im just about to cruse out and buy and amp to run 6x9 and 6" in my ute, and saves labour cost id love to have a crack at it myself but being my first time doing so can someone give me a kick in the right...
  8. A

    Few quick VX questions?

    Hey guys i just got my 2002 VXII S today from a private sale. Not a bad price id say, 135000kms, full S pack options, 10 months rego and great condition (my grand dad is a holden mechanic, he checked it for me) all for $10k. Just a few things i want to ask, id ask my grand dad, but its a bit...
  9. W

    vy airbags

    i put an aftermarket headunit into my vy and there was only two connectors on the new wirirng connector to my head unit leaving an unused connector coming from my car..this resulted in me now having my srs light on my dash coming on when my headunit is on and the screen saying check...
  10. S

    VR Audio Install

    I know theres lots of these posts but i cant find the answer to this one.. On the wiring table i got from here it shows two wires: Constant 12v+ and Battery 12v+.... i found the two wired.. on my old head unit the Constant 12v+ one isn't connected to anything... but i was wondering if it...
  11. K

    Sound system power

    Im currently putting a sound system in my car. And im a little worried about the battery going flat. Im putting in all pioneer stuff. head unit with screen. Component speakers for the front 150 w woofer and 120 w tweeters 6*9 5 ways in the rear 450ish 2 mono 400w amps 1 4 chan 350w...
  12. W

    Full stereo install guide, VZ SV6

    Hi all, I've decided to post the install of my stereo in my VZ SV6. hope this helps anyone thinking of upgrading their stereo. Also you will lose some of the settings that you access when you start your car, like headlight off time, door lock when driving and a few more. So i suggest you...