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  1. S

    VE Kayhan Series 2 unit with Dual zone into a series 1

    Hey guys, So I've recently picked up a 08 VE Commodore with 130ks on the clock for a fairly good price. I downgraded from my VF2 Wagon so we could get one of the new Acadias which are on run out! I miss the Tech and Dual Zone Climate Control from my VF so have been exploring options to add...
  2. lovedores

    VF Infotainment System

    Hi, I have a 2010 VE Berlina International Sports Wagon and was curious if a later model (prob. VF) infotainment system with android auto and Apple Car Play could be fitted/swapped out to my 2010 model as above. I would appreciate any knowledge anyone may be able to provide. Cheers, Lovedores
  3. Champagnerusty

    1998 Vs statesman s3 5L stereo & steering wheel controls

    Hi all, first time posting, I’m super stuck and can’t find anything for statesman’s on here, so hoping someone can help from here. So I have a 1998 vs statesman s3 5L and I’m hooking up a kenwood stereo, and trying to get the steering wheel controls to work as well, i bought the 100$ Swc adaptor...
  4. I

    Series 1 VE centre stereo display

    Recently I purchased a ssv stereo for my sv6 and the place I got it from said that the top display would shut off when it swapped over but I could take the car to holden and they could switch it back on for me. Took it to them the other day and they said they couldn’t because of the locked VINs...
  5. RorzaaBoy

    Need help with stereo wiring

    My stereo was fitted by a degenerate redneck, and i think there was a short somewhere so i pulled it apart. I need help figuring out what wires are what.
  6. S

    Speaker troubles

    I installed an android headunit a while back, which worked fine until a few months ago, when the speakers would randomly drop out. Sometimes all at once, sometimes a few, or even one. Sometimes they chase each other round the car... so super annoying. I have since installed an alpine booster...
  7. S

    Reverse Sensors not beeping after replacing head unit

    Had changed head unit from another aftermarket head unit to an alpine head unit. Unforunately everything was twist and taped instead of just using one of those conversions from supercheap so have had to manually wire everything to the new head unit. Previous to this the sensors worked and...
  8. [paradox]

    New headunit replacement SOON

    Not associated, but been waiting for this to popup https://kayhanaudio.com.au/product/satnav-for-holden-commodore-vf/ This SatNav for Holden Commodore VF features an 8″ inch ultra HD capacitive multipoint touch screen, and comes with ready plugs for your vehicle harness to just plug it and...
  9. J

    Can you change colour of stereo?

    I have got a vf s2 sv6... I was just wondering if anyone knows how to change the colour of the screen on the stereo? It’s red ... also because it’s only a standard sv6 the stereo doesn’t have satnav... Does anyone know if there is a update chip or something that I can put in to get satnav? I’m...
  10. J

    VS electric aerial issue

    Hi Guys, I've got an issue with my vs aerial. The height can be controlled by the buttons under the radio but it does not stay in position as it will retract all the way as soon as I release either up or down button. It is connected via a Pioneer deck, which I have read to cause potential...
  11. M

    Standard radio in SS Fifty ?

    can anyone tell or show me what the standard radio was in a 2001/2 VU SS Fifty ute? I'm trying to order a canbus unit to go between a Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB and the factory steering wheel controls but the supplier needs to know which original radio was in the vehicle. I'm told it was either a...
  12. C

    Head unit repairs

    Hey all. Ive got a kenwood head unit, bought used, with 3 rca preouts. Ive found out the sub out doesnt work. Can this be fixed? can i DIY? or where can it be repaired in Adelaide? Are head unit repairs worth the cost, or just buy another one? The unit works perfect, apart from this one fault...
  13. C

    Vr calais Head unit problems. Help.

    I've gotta 1994 calais 5L and I've installed an alpine CDA-137EBT headunit. Ive got everything connected corrected, however when reconnecting the battery there is a small electrical arch. if i disconnect the orange/purple cable (positive cable from the battery) from the headunit (yellow cable)...
  14. N

    After Market stereo system For Series 1 VE Commodore.

    Hey Guys. I own a 2008 VE Commodore SV6 Auto and i want to put in an aftermarket touch screen system in the place of the stock system. I still want to have full use of my Steering wheel controls and have the use of an AUX Cable and if possible CD Player. I also do not want to spend a lot of...
  15. D

    lost stereo code for vy

    i purchased a vy and it didn’t come with any information of the code can someone please help ? the BP is BP224066722648 part number is 7642240520
  16. V

    VZ Factory Radio stopped working after reversed leads during a jump start

    Hi all, I have searched the forum but no luck so I am hoping you experienced members can assist and thank you in advance... My buddy has a 2005 VZ Commodore with a factory stereo installed. He assisted someone with a jump start but had the cables reversed briefly (not sure if it was his...
  17. K

    VE stereo not producing sound.

    I've got a 2008 VE SV6 ute and the radio has no sound, the head unit works fine, you can change the volume, scan for stations etc but there's no sound coming out of the speakers... Occasionally it will start playing music and I can't find any loose wires but most of the time there's not a...
  18. D

    Vz ute rear speakers

    Has any one mounted some speakers on the bit behind your seats on a vy vz ute is it hollow?
  19. L

    Steering wheel controls

    Hey guys. I have the original stereo and i would like to up guard, possibly to a stereo/gps.. Will most of them work with the original buttons in the steering wheel? Recommendations on good units? And where can i find a tray for the back of 2003 commodore ute? Oh and best place to buy rims?
  20. 9

    when the stereo's on the lights flicker and the car runs rough!

    hi guys my car seems to have just recently had some electrical faults when I turn my stereo system on my car starts to run rough and all the lights flicker but when I turn the stereo off its fine its only just happened recently before then it was fine and its not the alternator cause i've had it...
  21. K

    Vz wagon sub box designs.

    Im just wondering what kind of setups some people run in their wagons. Ive built my own box and it works well but i want to build something that goes from floor to the roof with two subs facing forward one behind each rear headrest. This giving a gab between the subs so i can still use my rear...
  22. V

    Where doyouinstall your crossovers for your front splits?

    Hi All, I'm going to be installing a whole systems worth of gear sometime soon and was wondering where people have installed crossovers for their front splits? I usually hear of kick panels, but i'm not really a fan of that idea, as the name suggests, you'll be forever "kicking" them. Twice...
  23. B

    Power not reaching fusebox on steering wheel stereo fuses 16 and 23

    Hi all first thread :) And firstly i have searched alot and cant find an answer.. (have always found everything before hence first thread :) ok well i was wiring an aftermarket head unit to my 2002 vx clubsport when i shorted it out... (which was something stupid i now fixed) went to...
  24. S

    08 omega stereo

    Hi all I want to install a aftermarket stereo but I don't want to put it in glove box is there anywhere else I can put it so it's accessible but looks good as well
  25. N

    Help With Car Audio Subwoofer

    Hi, pretty simple questions I want to buy this. Amazon.com: Alpine SWR-12D4 Type-R 12" Subwoofer with Dual 4-ohm Voice Coils: Car Electronics - Is it good? - What amp do i need with it. (include examples if you can!) I have read a little about specs but keep getting confused. - Can...
  26. U

    ve fascia kit and display screen

    hi guys. i have replaced my stock ve omega head unit with the ve fascia kit and a pioneer double din head unit. my question is, what can i do with the old display that used to be on top of the stock head unit? it is disabled atm and i was wondering if i could take it out and put a gps or an...
  27. red_spider

    [WA] cv8 Monaro parts,stereo parts,filters,etc

    stripping the modifications off my car to sell it.parts listed are advertised elsewhere also so parts may be sold so please enquire ITEM: K&N panel filter suit vt-vz v6 LOCATION: perth,6108 CONDITION: Used PRICE: $60 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or can ship at buyers...
  28. swiiftkick

    Vy ute stereo need help with running speakers off an amp

    Okay so ive got a sony xplod XM-GTX6040 600w amp pioneer deh-155mpg head unit and vibe slick 6" component speakers ive played around with settings at first all i could get was bass now ive managed to get like a bit of music but sounds like absolute crap what am i doing wrong ? ive only ever...
  29. taylooor

    Sound system cuts out when the volume is turned up.

    Hey guys, I've been having this problem for a few weeks now, and it's never happened before. If I turn the volume up to just over half the whole stereo stops working and cuts out, but if I turn the volume down quick it keeps working. Otherwise I have to turn the car off and on again in order...
  30. C

    VE Omega - Front Aux not working

    Hello all, Wondering if its possible to replace the actual front aux input. I have tried many different cords and ipods and none have solved the problem. Which is that it hardly works, have to move the cord around until it works which will only last a few seconds then will fade away and be...
  31. R

    VE 06 Calais Stereo Video Playback

    Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I was last on here, even had to create a new profile. Last posts I made were for my VL (8 years ago) which is now long gone. Well I'm now the proud owner of a VE Calais. I've been looking forward to this day for many years now. My question to anyone is...
  32. B

    new head unit for VP ute

    I am looking to put a new head unit in my VP ute. Any thoughts on a good one to suit?
  33. N

    Weird Stereo Problem (aftermarket amp for sub)

    Hey All I purchased my VE about 2 months ago and found while the stock unit is okay... it lacks bass and even with the premium (2 6") "subs" it really lacks bass.. Since I had my alpine type R sitting around and my amp just wasting space in my shed I figured i'd fit it. I cut the wires...
  34. N

    Sound System Suggestions for VE SV6 MY12 Commodore?

    hey guys, i heard the bose system in a porsche and it had a great amount of bass and crisp sound. is there a sound system i can get like it (without a subwoofer)?? will spend a reasonable amount of money. any suggestions?????
  35. V

    Steering Wheel Stereo Controls

    Hey this topic has been discussed a lot and I've read most of the threads. I've heard its possible to get the steering wheel controls working on those Chinese stereo's that do support it. One guy who said to message him for assistance isn't active on these forums anymore has claimed to get...
  36. caz_sidi

    Genuine Headunit

    hey fellas just wondering if the ve blaupunkt sat nav headunit that comes standard in the ss's or the ssv's can be bought? and will in fitt straight into a sv6? cheers
  37. F

    Vt calais stereo crackling problems

    I recently put a new mast and rope in my electric antenna motor, now the stereo when playing only plays at a lower volume and when you turn it up it crackles. also when you use other instruments it pops and crackles.... applying brakes-pops and gets louder, each level that you turn the fan...
  38. R

    08 VE Omega Stereo?? HELP!!

    How hard is it to add a sub and speakers to a 08 VE Omega? I have just bought one, and really want to upgrade the sound system. A sub is the first thing i want, i have had a fusion encounter tube before and quite like them, or the next model up. Im hoping i dont have to change the head...
  39. D

    VE Series 2 LOC AND SUB INFO

    Hi all, . . i know its been covered a lot with ve series 1 LOC installs on this forum and others ive read many many Im hoping a few of you guys have started playing with the holden iq radios allready, if not i will post and post pics of anything i can to help the next guy..... i would...
  40. T

    VZ Head Deck Replacement

    I just invested in a new car, a 2004 VZ Berlina. I wanna change the head deck, and I found a suitable JVC double din head deck. I heard from a friend that a spacer may be needed to fit even a double din deck. Hence, I searched here and have found no mention of needing a spacer. Is this...