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  1. A

    VR/VS Issues SEATBELT SLACK!!! HELP!!!!!

    Hey Everyone, Im VERY fresh on this fourm and i dont know if this has been answered before but could someone please tell me how they fixxed it! Okayyyy So lets get too it! i have a Holden VS Spac s2 (this doesnt really matter) and the drivers side seatbelt doesnt retract properly, Iv seen...
  2. K

    VZ BCM ZETTLER RELAYS to sort out sticking indicator problem. I have 5 spare.

    Hey there, yeah, I recently sourced the Zettler relay AZ976-1U-12DET from www.relaycentre.com to sort out the sticky indicator problem with my VZ SS commodore. Due to the minimum USD$25 per order, I had to get 6 so I have 5 spare. I'll sell to whoever needs them, just drop me a line. It's an...
  3. D

    How to fix the sticky indicator in a VZ Commodore (BCM)

    As promised, here is my document on how to fix the sticky indicator in a vz commodore by replacing the relay in the BCM. I have successfully fixed my commodore by following these steps. This will hopefully save some people from paying hundreds of dollars for a bcm swap, when really, it's just...