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  1. VNCalais3800

    VN V6 Calais Cranks Over But After Half A Turn Or So It Slows Cranking And Stops

    Hi all, I have a S1 VN V6 Calais that will crank over but after a quarter or half a turn it slows cranking and completely stops, i have tested the aldl via bridging the earth and test terminals and that displayed 1 flash pause 2 flash =12 everything ok. Battery has been charged and voltage is...
  2. L

    VS stops dead on half a tank of fuel! Please help!

    I've had my 1996 VS Acclaim for a year now and nothing seemed wrong with it until about two months ago when it wouldn't start for me at a shopping centre. It worked fine for a few weeks until it suddenly stopped dead at random places. It continued for a week to stop and start until I took it to...