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  1. J

    VE Glovebox

    The VE glovebox is capable of carrying a shelf. This is the size and shape I cut and installed, sitting on the internal ledges, so I can put a couple of my bits in as well as my partner's ! Others have probably done similar but I can't find pics or records. Just thought I'd share.
  2. WoodChoppa

    Wanted: Advice for Building Custom Utility/Storage Box into VR Ute Tray

    Hey I'm looking at building a lockable storage box into the plastic tough-deck tray liner of my '94 VR S-Pac Ute. I want to be able to lock a bit of gear up on the tray, but because my ute has a fibreglass sail, as you can see in my profile picture, a hard tonneau cover is not an option. I've...