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  1. Johnsy

    VF Ute No Grab Handle ?

    Hello Strangers I have a Vf storm ute 2014 model.I am sick of my passengers ;) mentioning there is no grab handle inside. It didn't bother me until i had a few cans and the wife drove me home and i went to grab the handle. ( our SS wagon has a front passenger handle ) Feeling the pain of my...
  2. P

    Heron White Sportswagon with White wheels?

    Hey Everyone, Just brought my 2015 VF Sportswagon in Heron white. Has anyone put white wheels on one? id like to see what others have done and how they look before i put the $1800 towards them. Im looking at getting; 20x8 5" Holden ve VF Rims Versus Enduro Rims Wheel Tyre Package White |...
  3. K

    VF MY15 SV6 Storm Sportswagon

    Hi all, About to place an order for a White VF Storm wagon with a few accessories including the design pack 2. I wanted the black SS rims but quoted $3k so thought i'd skip that. Has anyone on here painted their VF SV6 rims black or plastidipped? I'd like to see a final result. Probably a...
  4. M

    Hole in vy ute tray?

    After recently purchesing my vy ute, I noticed when you take off the fuel tank cover you can see through to the ground, was wondering if this is normal or if there is supposed to be a cover for it that I should purchase, thanks
  5. G

    Difference of storm s and s

    I was looking at Utes and saw storm s and just s, what are the differences for VY and VZ models?
  6. B

    Impulse Blue VZ Storm, need ideas on what to do next??

    Just purchased myself my first car (well ute), I have been looking to find the perfect one for a long time and I actually bought it off my father. My ute is all stock in the interior and it has 20" Osaka Racing Rims and the full 2.5" exhaust. I was wondering if anyone knows of something that...
  7. Mase1990

    Vy storm Advice

    Hey, I'm looking to get my V6 storm an exhaust and lower it a bit. Probably just a mild steel exhaust just to give it a bit better sound. Also looking to lower it around flush with wheels. Anyone have any advice as to what would be a good place to go to? And if you've got similar stuff...
  8. V

    2005 Holden VZ Storm Ute

    Hello guys, I'm new here and I've been reading around in a few threads and I have noticed there are alot of experienced people here that have a wide range of knowledge on cars. I decided that I am going to use these forums to get guidance from you guys towards some of the questions that I...
  9. L

    Custom Ute Lid

    I'm looking for a specific Ute lid, it's nothing I've seen advertised anywhere and I don't understand why it's so hard to find anyone else that has wanted this specific type of Lid. I'm a drummer who just bought myself a VZ Storm, i tried my biggest drum in the tray with a cover over it and...
  10. Mase1990

    My VY storm, halp :P

    Hey i dont really know heaps about cars, just learning. I got my storm like 2 weeks ago and I have some questions and such that i need some help with. :) I need to get 2 new front tyres, the ones on it now are 18" i believe. I think thats 225/40R18, just wondering what i'd be looking at to...