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straight pipe

  1. Scheme


    Got stock everything, except pod filter, and straight pipe from middle resignator back with twin 3'' tip, nothing great at all. Looking to get extractors as at high revs I sometimes have 'flat spots' and feels like the car is very slightly 'kangaroo/bunny hopping'... Also would sound be any...
  2. C

    Straight Through Pipe Replacing Rear Muffler?

    I am looking to install a straight through pipe replacing the rear muffler of my car, i dont want to spend too much as im looking to buy a new car, but untill then i want a bit more sound, it costs me $100, what do you think it can do for me, whats the sound like, is there anything else i can do...

    VS 2.5" exhaust with no mufflers?

    Hey all, I got a 2.5" system on my car a month ago and want something louder all round and sounds different. I was going to remove my resonator even thought i read people saying 'no it drones', 'you'll gte pulled over' blah blah blah etc. I looked under my car the other day and realised my car...

    Rear Resi Removal

    Hey all, I got a 2.5" catback system with a centre muffler on my VS at the moment. I like the sound but would like it if it was just a bit louder and grunty maybe? Been looking on the forums and removal of the resonator and placing in a straight pipe seems to be something that can be done? I...