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  1. 355vscommy

    500hp+ 355 VS Ute Build

    hey guys thought I’d put up about my ute Got it as a blown up V6 auto with lsd Cleaned it up removed a heap of stuff including motor and trans Already had 304 and T5 gearbox from my old VN BT1 Got the block machined to 40’ and line bored 2bolt studs with steel stud girdle. I did cam bearing oil...
  2. M

    My V6 VT

    Hey Got Some Pics Up Finally Of My Car Whats It Running- Ecotec With Split Fire Spark Plugs And Leads Cold Air Intake K&N Air Filter 2 1/2 inch cat back exhaust Cost: inculding the car, 9000 grand so far =) spent a grand in mods Power: No Dyno Yet Audio: A ****ed Pioneer Head Unit !! haha...