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  1. 9

    355 stroker as a daily driver?

    I sent my VT 5.0l in to get all it's leaks fixed. It was leaking from every place possible and more. I saw myself the chunks of gasket they pulled out of the sump. Anyway they've had it a while now and I'm being told I'd near be better off getting a stroker kit put in while it's all pulled apart...
  2. Elscrappycoco

    [308] 253 stroker internals into 308

    hey guys I've got a 253 stroker with a crow cam roller rockers etc... I have a 308 black motor for my vk with light scoring in bores 30thou over Im wondering what internals would be interchangeable.. if any at all Anybody have any ideas or played around with this before?
  3. 1995 VS Ute

    1995 VS Ute

    Next is a planned interior and exterior upgrade, hard lid, new scoop, etc , etc
  4. Z

    [VIC] Wanted To Buy - CSV (Corsa Special Vehical) VS Volanti

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy /Swap MAKE: Holden / Corsa Special Vehicle (CSV) MODEL: VS Volanti / Strata FACTORY LEVEL: 3-5 (Must Have Bolster Seats) TRANSMISSION: Manual or Auto COLOUR: All colours considered PRICE: 5-15k CONTACT DETAILS: M- 0407936230 Call or Text...
  5. moocow

    VS V6 constant high idle

    Hey guys, I have a 4.2L stroked ecotec which has had a manual conversion including the ecu and loom. Needs a tune or memcal to suit the engine mods (another problem entirely) but it was idling fine to start with. After a month or so of being on the road it started idling high. Upon start up...
  6. N

    [LS2] Does an LS2 Stroker Kit fit an L76

    Hi All, Just after a bit of clarity, will stroker kits (408 or 427) described as LS2 Stroker kits, be compatible with a VZ L76 V8 Engine? I am just wanting to make sure that I will have a few stroker options for the L76 engine. Basic searches so far seem to suggest that the LS2 kits will...
  7. W

    Vn group a replica - wgz 355

    [CENTER][CENTER]Model: 1988 VN Calais Kilometers: 000 (New build) Colour: Durif Red (was white over silver) Bodykit: Group A Gearbox: 5 Spd Manual Drivetrain 3.08 LSD Diff Engine: 355 - Scat Crank 10.32-1 comp Solid 288 Crane Cam Yella Terra RollerRockers Heavily ported vn cast iron heads. Suit...
  8. moocow

    VS V6 twin turbo 4.2L stroker build thread

    Hi all, Yesterday I picked up my new toy. It's an unregistered VT with a smashed rear window, really shotty body work and three chrome rims XD So why buy it? Ok; - 4.2L Stroker - Two turbos - Intercooler - Custom intake - Oil catch can (Think that's what it's called) - Blow off valve...
  9. JakeysVT

    My 6.8L VT Clubby

    My Clubby has come a long way since i first bought it as a bog stocker 5.7L with its catback but it now has : Engine : 6.8L Stroker Engine with manley 408 crank and oversize pistons 11.0:1 Compression Ratio 1.81 ration Howards Roller Rockers, Hardened Pushrods, Howards TieBar...
  10. BLOWN V8

    6.8lt VE SS Drift Ute v LS1 Skyline

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Just though I would share a Video from last weekend at Queensland Raceway. If your like me & love your V8 Commodore you'll get a kick out of this. A VE Ute chasing down a LS1 powered Skyline sideways at over 100kph. My son Nick "DriftKid" Coulson drives the VE Ute...
  11. D

    VX SS Project Car Modification Recommendations - Help

    Hi All, Im sure this comes up a lot so i apologise for the repeat. I have a VX SS, it is my first V8 and I have decided to make it my project car. I need some guidance and recommendations with regards to the modifications. I have a mild working knowledge of mechanics and "sort of" capable...
  12. Brendo169

    [WA] '97 VS Senator 355 Stroker

    ITEM: 1997 VS II Senator 355 Stroker PRICE: $12,500 negotiable (now $10,490!) LOCATION: WA, north of the river YEAR: 1997 VS II Senator SERIES: VS II BADGE: Senator ENGINE: 355 Stroker TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Genesis Blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good INTERIOR CONDITION: Good WHEELS...
  13. juiceie vh sle

    Kempy's VH SL/E 355i

    hey all thought it was about time i chucked up a thread of the project im working on its a 1982 dark blue VH SL/E. it originally had a 202 trimatic in it but i quickly pulled that out to make way for a injected 355 . the body is straight and the paint is fairly neat as it has had a respray some...
  14. V

    [LS2] Suggestions or advice on rebuilding my LS2 with a stroker kit

    I plan to rebuild an LS2 with a stroker kit and some performance heads/ top end. Does anyone have any suggestions on how big to stroke it to I was thinking possibly 408 or maybe bigger perhaps 427. If anyone has done this I would be interested to know what size they went and what power they...
  15. V

    [Ecotec] Forward facing throttle body setup WTB!!! Help!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a twin or single throttle plenium/intake manifold for my vy storm stroker but I'm having trouble finding any at all :/ I'm after one that looks like the edelbrock ls1 manifold... Can anyone shed some light on my search... Cheers PS no HATERS!
  16. amos_executive

    [350] trans and diff to match 383 stroker, help?

    so i'm starting to slowly get my sh!t together, and needa just start getting bits n bobs in. got a 383 stroker and just needing some help/advice on trans and diff to go with it. looking at either a 6 speed 6L80 or a 4 speed 4L60E, all worked with heavy duty internals high stall etc. how...
  17. Manual Calais

    Rebuilding/stroking a vn motor

    Rebuilding/stroking a vn v6 motor Hey guys, I am planning on rebuilding a vn v6 motor and probably stroking it, I am just wondering if it would b better to do this to a s1 or s2 motor? Thanks
  18. C

    [NSW] Holden VS Commodore UTE - TURBOED 4.2 V6 STROKER

    ITEM: Holden VS UTE 1998 PRICE: 9500 ono LOCATION: Wollongong, NSW YEAR: 1998 SERIES: VSII UTE ENGINE: 4.2L Turbo Stroker V6 TRANSMISSION: 5 Speed COLOUR: Silver EXTERIOR CONDITION: Not too bad besides bonnet INTERIOR CONDITION: Good TYRE CONDITION: Front 90% rear 50% TYRE SIZE...
  19. Brendo169

    Brendo's HSV Senator 355 Stroker

    Name - Brendan Model – VS II Senator Colour – Genesis Blue Body kit – Standard HSV kit Engine –355 Stroker built by Kwinana Performance Gearbox – Rebuilt 4spd with stage 2 kit and 3000 high stall Power – 205rwkw or 275rwhp Torque - 315ft/lb or 427nm 1/4 Mile Time - 14.665 @ 95.03mph...
  20. Brendo169

    How Much

    hey everyone well i had a vs clubsport that i had an accident in last month after having a 355 stroker built two weeks prior pretty devastating! anyway im after some info as to what some parts may be worth VS clubsport rolling shell with heavy front end damage (no engine gearbox or...
  21. A

    blow it or stoke it

    which is better stroking a 308 to a 355 or putting a blower on a stock motor? can the internals handle a blower or do I have to put in some new internals? got a fairly small budget $1500 to $2000 any ideas?
  22. muggo05

    My HSV VT GTS 220i - I Just Got One!

    Hey there guys, I picked up my first HSV a few months ago and just havent gotten around to putting something up on here. It's a Series 1 VT GTS with the 5.7L Stroker. Spent a fair bit on it since i got her because i'm a perfectionist and want it running perfectly. here are the specs of the...
  23. vp_exec

    [VIC] VP II, Exec BT-1, COME 355, TCE 3800rpm conv, TH700, New 3.45 IRS, HP-F tuned, 20's

    ITEM: VP Series 2 Exec, 355 stroker, TCE 3800conv TH700, 3.45 IRS, 20's LOCATION: Latrobe Valley, Victoria YEAR: 1992 SERIES: VPII BADGE: Executive - BT1 ENGINE: 355 Stroker TRANSMISSION: 4-sp Auto COLOUR: Dove Grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: Very Good INTERIOR CONDITION: Very Good TYRE...
  24. 1SIKR8

    Lewis Engines .... whos herd of them/ had a engine off them

    was looking around ebay when i saw this BOOST ready 4.2 LITRE stroker V6 ECOTEC engines - eBay V6, Performance Parts, Car, Truck Parts, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 03-Nov-10 19:03:26 AEDST) its a ecotec with- 4.2 stroker crank 14lbs boost rated I - beam rods with arp thru bolts...
  25. J

    vs stroker rebuild please help

    THE PLAN ok guys im planning on building my vs 3.8 ecotec into a stage 4 stroker kit full forged rated for 20 psi boost (Hcons, forge dimond pistns 30 thou os, and all that). as of current situations i will not be t/c or s/c due to money but definatly building it to be bullet proof. its...
  26. DontBeShy

    STROKING a 1993 VR Commodore 3.8 litre ????

    wanted to stroke my vr but have no idea where to start can any1 helkp me out with prices nd hwere it can be done nd what can be done ? cheers

    3.8 ecotec stroker kit

    i have a 3.8 ecotec and was wondering what would be te power increase from stroking it from 3.8 to 4.2 using a COME stroker kit and is it worth it. thanks
  28. Jezmont

    304 SS to 355 Stroker

    Hey all, I have a VR SS 304 that I am planning on blowing out to 355 stroker. The current engine is mildly worked with ported heads, stage 2 cam, memcal, high flow fuel pump, CAI, extractors and a few other mods, it goes very hard but want to do something different. Does anyone know the best...
  29. V

    304 to 355/363, fuel useage.

    My cam is wearing down & since the engines now done over 230,000 km's & getting a bit rough I thought a full recon would be a good idea. The question is whether to go upto 355cu or maybe 383 ? I travel around 500 km per week, manly highway cruising with upto 10min's idle getting to the m/way...