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  1. K

    The infamous front end 'clunk'.

    hey guys. I recently read a thread from a member concerning the 'clunk' being a simple tightening of 4 nuts on the braces between the firewall and engine. EVERYTHING about the symptoms is exactly the same in mine. except.... His car was a VT. Mine is a VE SV6. Has anyone found the mysterious...
  2. J

    2002 VX: - Replaced front shocks but locating plate moves

    Hi, I bought a pair of Auto-Force shock absorbers and two Mackay strut mounting kits (bearing and bearing assembly/bush). After taking the old shocks off and disassembling, I noticed that the new bump stop and dust cover/boot (came with the new shock absorber) were both very different to the...
  3. B

    Strut creaking/squeaking noise when turning

    Hi Everyone, Just thought I might see if anyone has had this problem before and might have an answer to my problem. Recently change over my shocks, replace new strut mounting kit with new ball bearings, everything seems great apart from it making the noise like rubber against metal that is...
  4. J

    VT Acclaim series 2, 19x8 enix hornets Running 245/35/19 tyres Strut Rubbing

    I own a 2000 Vt commy, Iv had to swap out my rims for rego back to my stockies, After removing my 19 enix hornets I noticed some Rubbing on the Strut, But when driving the car I haven't heard it scraping, Not to sure about the offset of the wheel. Is this normal ? Should I get a...
  5. D

    Need some boot struts for a VT Manta? Don't do what I did.

    Hi all, I just bought a really nice 5.7 VT Calais S2 HBD with factory fitted Manta kit. It's awesome, low km's and its been really well looked after. Don't know what took me so long to get a V8. Anyway, this is going to be a bit of a complaint post, but I don't want anyone else to waste...
  6. F

    steering knuckle bolts stuck

    Just wondering if anyone knows any tricks to loosen up the two bolts holding the steering knuckle to the strut on a vy commodore front side
  7. I

    Commodore and statesman same front struts?

    Hi guys, just about to buy some springs to lower my VS statesman. When i was doing up some research it came to my attention that putting superlows on standard shockers is a no no since it will ride really rough because of the shortened spring and the long shocker. Long story short im looking at...
  8. adam sv6

    Front shocker replacement

    So i want to replace my front dampeners with after market ones... I currently have lowered SL pedders springs on stock shocks and im aiming for a smoother ride. After research on how to replace them i am confident to do it myself, although im not sure as to how the top part of the assembly...
  9. D

    VY Strut brace help

    Hi guys, I have a new strut brace that I was about to install on my VY ute, however I noticed that the holes don't line up. Over years the towers have flexed inwards ever so slightly. My thinking was... if I jack it up via the centre, will this help in moving them out while I put the...
  10. B

    VE Strut Braces

    hi all, new to the forums and the car modding world. this may be a stupid question so go easy on me :P i would like to put a strut brace on my VE SS, i can find kits for the front. i think the brand "whiteline" is the way to go. are there any kits for a rear strut brace for a VE sedan...
  11. Z

    VS Berlina makes Creaking Noises while driving

    This is my 1st post ever. Ive a VS Berlina and I lowered it with pedders springs some time back and I love how low she looks. Anyway the problem is and I assume from it being lowered is ive stressed the steering/suspension/struts a bit. The car when i turn and more noticably on the left side...
  12. jaron88

    Lowering My VT, Need IDEAS

    When lowering my car do i have to buy new struts or can i used the original stock struts?? and also my car is sitting on 17'' mags/rims, how low can i go so that i dont damage my tyres?
  13. T

    Worn driver side strut mount

    Just a question for the guru's. I just had a pink slip inspection (RWC) done on my 10/2004 VZ Calais which has just clicked over 100,000 km's. They passed it but said that the right (driver side) strut mount was worn and producing up & down movement in the right front wheel. Apparently, it is...
  14. C

    VT Strut Problems, Help!

    the rod in my strut brace has popped out of it's top location, i've taken it out, but now i need to know how to get the bar low enough so i can put it back in.. does this make sense to anyone? sorry i'm kind of car illiterate
  15. Paul_grima

    Price on These?

    Just got this list from a roadworthy test and was wondering how much this will set me back including labour? *Replace strut tops *Replace engine mounts *Front link pin bushes *Right radius rod bush *Lower front trailing arm bushes *Upper trailing arm bushes Thanks :)