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  1. Apex8

    [VIC] WTB VE Sedan FE2 or FE3 Springs/Shocks/Assembly.

    DESCRIPTION: WTB VE Sedan FE2 or FE3 Springs/Shocks/Assembly. ITEM: Looking for an HSV/SS Stock suspension setup for my 08 VE SS sedan. Happy to pay $250-350 for a low kms set in good condition. I'm not having much luck so I'll consider higher kms for less cash. LOCATION: Victoria - Ringwood...
  2. Robbo77

    fe2 VF sv6 shocks question

    G'day Having a hard time finding shocks to fit the fe2 suspension Will stock (omega/evoque) shocks suit the fe2 or do I need lowered shocks, was more under the impression they were for aftermarket lowered (king ssl etc.)...
  3. A

    VE front and rear spring seat insulators and sound proofing the inner guards

    Trying to find some lower spring seats for the front and rears struts is cooking my lid hard. Help a brother
  4. G

    2006 vz front end noise ?

    Just chasing some opinions. I just purchased a 2006 vz s crewman I've replaced what's needs to be replaced now I've suspected new shocks needed in the back noise has worsened over the week. Front end ** main concern When going over a speed bump or uneven surface can hear like a noise like...
  5. R

    Bilstein suspension shattering ride quality

    Hi everyone, Ive been installing some bilstein shocks into my ve and encountered some problems, if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. So i bought them off ebay: VE Holden Commodore Bilstein Struts SET OF 4 Suit V6 V8 HSV Sedan Wagon UTE | eBay The rears went in...
  6. J

    Is this okay ... Or wheel spacers ?

    Below iv attached a picture of how my 19x8 enix hornets are sitting on my vt at the front. This is scaring me a little any advice ? There running 245/35/19 tyres
  7. T

    Need help with front struts on my vr

    Hi my front strut has popped up (pictures attached) and i'm not sure why wondering if someone can tell my why it has happened, and if it is fixable without buying a whole new strut. After I go for a drive then open the bonnet it extends up with the bonnet like shown on the picture. I can squash...
  8. M

    Ultima short shocks & King Springs

    Hi all, I'm in the market for some new struts/shocks for my VZ SS Sedan (lowered on Kings SSLs all round), as my current ones have had it, and after doing a bit of research I had decided on KYB struts/shocks. However, recently I have noticed Ultima stuff on eBay for quite a reasonable price...
  9. C

    Replacing front struts on VE II Omega

    Hi Guys, I know there are already a few threads on here about lowering VE's, but i havent found one that addresses this issue. I bought one of those suspension packages with super low king springs and monroe GT short travel shocks and struts for my VE II omega. Now, the rears went in no...
  10. G

    Front Strut advice

    Hi Guys I have a vp series 2 with abs and FE2 suspension with larger disc rotors (ex cop car ) that has just been smashed by the missus. What i would like to know is i have a vp series 1 wagon STANDARD, would the front struts fit into the wagon and would there be a problem as the wagon isnt...
  11. tHe_sTiG

    Boot struts DIY

    Been cleaning out the car this morning, found my boot struts had completely failed. Is it an easy DIY job to replace them? I took a look, I think I can figure it out... better get it fixed before I crack my head one day, already happened on a few occasions, ouch. I found struts on ebay for...
  12. D

    struts and springs

    hey guys im upgrading my suspension on my vs statesman i just wanna know whats the best option?? cheers