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  1. Gw33dz

    VX Commodore Another Power Window Dilemna

    G'day. Bought a second hand VX S Pac. Had a drivers window problem. I bought new window regulator sliders and went to install them. Both of the old sliders were snapped but the drama is this... The window was stuck down but the regulator arms with the ball joints on the end were extended all...
  2. K

    Vt brake style traction control?!

    so I’ve got a vt commodore I’ve turbocharged and got tuned and when I try to do a stand still burnout it won’t rev past 2000rpm, it’s an auto and also it will get the wheels spinning if I do a doughnut but will stop when I have the brake and accerator down. It hasn’t got a traction control...
  3. N

    Rear clunking sound when hitting bumps!

    A new day, a new problem in my commie. I have bought and fixed everything that's related to the undercarriage of the car, and that includes control arms, most of the bushings, engine & tranny & diff & suspension mounts, etc... Now, I hear a squeaking coming from the rear left side when driving...
  4. I

    VT Drivers door lock stuck in unlock position.

    Hi members, Hopefully someone can help me here as I've just bought a VT Clubsport and within an hour I already have a problem. So, when i bought the car, the drivers door lock from the inside, the plastic thing with the orange tab, was stuck half way between fully opened (unlocked) and all...
  5. JuStDaN

    Starter motor staying on (VH 253 povo pack)

    Hi lads, I seem to have run into a random problem with the starter motor that I haven't experienced before. When key comes off the 'start' position, even switched totally off, the starter motor continues to turn over. The only thing that stops it is disconnecting the battery. What's even...
  6. Kierab

    Getting a bolt off the shock, yeah fun!

    So I'm pretty much stuck on this one bolt and I am yet to discover what I am doing wrong. The more I try the more worn down the edges get so If I f*ck it here, seems like its all going back in and I have to give up. Pretty annoyed. Ive compressed the springs down and from what I read in...
  7. V

    Holden VZ Differential Help !

    Hey guys I have recently baught a reconditioned 3.91 tightened LSD diff. Me and a couple of my mates are going to remove my old one and chuck in the new one on the weekend. Overnight i was just thinking about everything to make sure we do it right as i want the tight lsd to lock up nicely...
  8. A

    Replaced broken ignition barrel, now steering lock won't engage. Suggestions welcome

    Hi Everyone! this is my first post here and I just have to say that this website is absolutely fantastic! Helped me learn alot about my car. Anyways, so yesterday my ignition came loose and my car wouldn't start. I checked the forum and found that I might have change the ignition barrel. Turns...
  9. B

    How to replace VZ Steering Column HELP

    Hey all, some help would be great. My ignition barrel **** itself completely so I have had to get a complete steering column as the key wont turn at all. I have tried all the ways I could find to loosen it enough to turn it to accessories to be able to take it our but it wont budge. My question...
  10. Dirty30

    Vu ute reving high when changing gears< MANUAL

    Hi there Having some trouble with my 2001 Vu ute V6 manual Say when changing from 3rd to 4th I accelerate in 3rd to 3000rpm then push clutch in and let off the throttle it stays around 3000rpm (sometimes slightly increasing) and doesnt drop untill i change to 4th, when i accelerate...
  11. VN SII

    Brake Caliper Bolts

    So I was driving around the other day, and well basically my Brake Caliper fell off. Unable to find the 2 missing bolts that held it on (Obviously rattled free somehow) I thought "No sweat, I'll grab 2 off the VS I use for Scraps out back". Only to find that the Bolts are Stuck something...
  12. GIJoel

    Boot Latch Won't Stay Open

    So I've gotta press the boot popper while simultaneously lifting the boot, this is fine when the car is off and I've got the key, but the popper in the glove box is pretty much useless because the boot latch won't stay open by itself. I've got a short term fix, just spray with CRC, but that's...
  13. topdzl

    Door locked and won't open

    I need some creativity here :hit: one of the rear doors is jammed, the door lock button as well stuck, i tried to lift it so I'd be able to open the door, I did manage to open the door but did not have time to figure out how to solve this, I remove the inner door cover, and hopefully be able to...
  14. S

    2002 vx commodore wont start plz help

    we have been having problems with our ignition for a while now...when u turn the key it would start but then go off instantly after a while we realised that if we lock the car and then unlock it would start but today we turned the key and something went click and now the car wont start and it is...
  15. [Linkin Park]

    Left Indicator Stays on When Locking Car and Sometimes Headlights. BCM?

    Well when I lock the car only the left hand indicator stays on alot of the time but it is intermittent. The same with the headlights when they are turned on when locking the car but more rare but use to be like every time I lock the car but the indicator is now the common fault and headlights...
  16. joshoVT

    Bonnet won't open

    OK, I was doing some work under the bonnet when I stupidly left a spanner sitting on the left hand side in front of the battery when the bonnet slammed shut accidentally. At first I thought it'd be a case of simply pulling the release again, but the release pulls (has tension) but won't click...