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  1. slyr23

    Stupid people and ricers

    First of all this is just for a bit of fun, we are all pretty responsible here but I wanted to hear your funny car stories. Here is one of mine. When I was younger I had a really nice Celica, i spent too much on it but don't regret it. I've done this particular horrible act to so many...

    [QLD] V6 Ecotec loudest dB?

    Hey Guys, *puts on flame suit as a safety precaution* I have a VT V6 and I'm getting an electric exhaust cut out installed in my car. Reason being: I had a loud exhaust set up before, gone quieter now, miss the stupid loudness (at high revs it used to hit 122dB) Where would be the best...
  3. A

    Dieing in trafic...

    Hey dudes and dudettes.... Ok, i have a S1 vn manual...It has developed a problem of when i pull up to lights it will struggle to keep revs up...like i have put it in first and tryed to stop without engaging the clutch(which i have) and have to rev to keep it from stalling It will do it...