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  1. H

    [NSW] Vr/vs v6 2.5" sports exhaust pacemaker, lukey muffler, vr/vs parts, sub box

    LOCATION: NSW Wagga Wagga 2650 CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up, Will Help With Delivery For Buyers Expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: Reece 0423 196 495 -------------------------------------------- ITEM: VR V6 Complete Exhaust...
  2. J

    sub mount vu ute

    hey i was wondering if it were possible to mount a slimline sub behind glovebox above passengers feet in a vu ute? i was also wondering if it is possible, whether anyone sells pre-fab boxes for this, any help would be much appreciated as there is not alot of info out there. had a play...