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subs amps

  1. taylooor

    Sound System help. Will I overload my amp?

    Hey guys, I have an Alpine sound system set up consisting of a 12" Type S sub, a MRP-M450 Mono amp, a MRP-F450 4 channel amp, two 6x9's in the parcel shelf and front door splits. Im looking at adding another sub to the equation but not sure if I will consequently end up overloading my amp...
  2. K

    Sound system power

    Im currently putting a sound system in my car. And im a little worried about the battery going flat. Im putting in all pioneer stuff. head unit with screen. Component speakers for the front 150 w woofer and 120 w tweeters 6*9 5 ways in the rear 450ish 2 mono 400w amps 1 4 chan 350w...
  3. Rubber_Burnin_Gal

    Comp Quality Sub and Amp

    FS QLD: Comp Quality Subs and Amp ITEM: Subs and Amp 1: Option Audio SMX1502 amp 2: Option Audio 15" Pro Titan Series sub LOCATION: Queensland, Brisbane CONDITION: 1: Used once. 2: Never used. PRICE: 1:$400 RRP$699 (on sale in WOW for $479) 2:$300 DELIVERY/PICK UP...