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  1. M

    Running a 15” and 12” sub together!!

    Hi all, My plan is to run a 15” JBL sub with a 12” Kenwood sub and build a custom box to fit them behind the seats in my VE SS UTE. Can anybody help me out with selecting an amp to run them both? I’ll post the specs below for both, they’re both pretty similar in terms of wattage, but will it...
  2. A

    VF SSV 2016 installing an active Subwoofer too a non Bose system (not a redline)

    I have an active sub I’m trying too fit too a (VF Ssv 2016 non Bose factory sound system) and I can’t find any help anywhere on here, it has the factory amp for the two parcel shelf subwoofers which only has two plug connectors on it unlike the redlines which have three. Any help would be...
  3. holdencallous

    vx commodore sub mounting?

    hey guys, I recently bought a new sub for my car and I would like to mount it with brackets to stop it from sliding into **** and moving about, I however can’t find any information on what is underneath the floorpan and I don’t want to drill into something that will stuff the car. Any...
  4. K

    Vy v6 BCM power windows and subwoofer issue

    Vy 2003 v6 wagon. So I've worked out that the BCM is a pain, my front power windows had been a pain and to wind them down I have had to repeatedly press the down button or hold for a few seconds to over ride the auto down. I have since taken the BCM out and scrapped the black stuff of the metal...
  5. M

    [SA] Image Dynamics IDQ 12 Sub, Alpine V12 amplifier

    LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Adelaide CBD or Murray Bridge SA. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, or PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: PM me for phone number ITEM: BRAND NEW Image Dynamics IDQ12 subwoofer V3 2Ω CONDITION: BRAND NEW...
  6. B

    amp stays on for 1 or 2 mins after locking car

    hey guys i have a 2011 omega series 2 ute and i had my amp installed professionally today, it sounds great and is hooked up through the high level inputs on the amp.... for some reason the amp stays on until i lock the car and watch it for about 2 mins before the lights go blank... is this...
  7. F

    Running 2 amps off High Level Input

    Hey guys, Recently purchased an 08 SV6. I have already installed an amp and sub which is running off the High Level inputs which have been tapped from the rear speakers. What I am wondering is, now I want to install all new door speakers and a 4 channel amp to power them. What are my...
  8. dashdown98

    VP Ute Subwoofer?

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to install a subwoofer in my VP ute but I don't know which way to go. I think I'd like to have the sub in the cabin but I've seen ones in the fuel tank well and I'd like to know more about those too. Are they much more work to install? I've looked into slimlines to go...
  9. U

    VE Calais V Sub help...

    Hello, I just recently bought a VE Calais V and noticed something odd about the bass that was produced. Sitting normally in the drivers seat you can hear little to no bass from the subs... If i lean forward (to where the steering wheel is) it sounds beautiful. I was wondering if this...
  10. V

    Ute sub roadworthy??

    Hello :) Just wondering the law on if i can cut out a hole in the cabin and ute divider and place a sub there? I would like the sub their and I think it would be ideal to have it there but don't wanna get myself defected.. I know about the space next to the fuel tank but would prefer to not do...
  11. P

    [NSW] WTB: Loom to suit VE Subwoofer / Amp

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: The loom / wiring that connects to the VE subs, Amplifier, Battery and rear doors, i'm sure some people here have upgraded their systems and no longer need their loom. LOCATION: NSW, Central West CONDITION: Used or New DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION...
  12. lifel355

    Kicker Amp/Sub is broken.

    I brought a kicker amp/sub hideaway. It's basically a subwoofer with the amp and subwoofer in one package. I was listening to my music at a decent level (but not excessively loud which is why I'm so annoyed) and the cap on it fell off and rattled. Rendering the whole thing useless. Anytime I use...
  13. P

    Adding factory Subs to a VE Calais Without Subs

    I have a 2008 Series I VE Calais without Subs. I've come across a factory set of subs cheap from a wrecked vehicle, including the parcel shelf etc. I know an upgrade from the factory setup would be better but I'm not too worried - the price is right and I just want some improved bass...
  14. J

    Ve series 2 iq problems (aftermarket sub installed)

    Hi everyone this is my first post I just bought an august built 2012 omega and thought it would be a good idea to get a sub put in. I went to an auto technician who wired the fusion inbuilt amp and sub and put it in (this was in his garage by the way), tried to turn it on, and the touch screen...
  15. K

    Vz wagon sub box designs.

    Im just wondering what kind of setups some people run in their wagons. Ive built my own box and it works well but i want to build something that goes from floor to the roof with two subs facing forward one behind each rear headrest. This giving a gab between the subs so i can still use my rear...
  16. barra218

    VZ Ute Sound System Build

    Hi all. Its been a while since I've done anything on this site! (Had my ute for well over 2 years and haven't even done a thread for it yet!) But anyway here goes something! Ok! So I decided to write up a build of the sound system I'm doing in my vz sv6 ute at the moment! It will be replacing...
  17. D

    [NSW] VZ/VY Passenger Side Fiberglass Moulded 12" Sub Enclosure **SOLD**

    ITEM: VZ/VY passenger side 12” moulded fiberglass sub enclosure – Enclosure only no sub included LOCATION: NSW, Caringbah/Revesby CONDITION: New in Box PRICE: $100 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup from Caringbah (Will deliver around the Sutherland shire or on way...
  18. MY_95_VS

    [NSW] Car Audio Clearout!!! special price for JC members

    ITEM: Bulk lot, car audio many components, ready to install Please note the silver splits are sold. Separating system now. Please pm me with offers for amps subs screen dvd head unit and speakers. LOCATION: East Sydney NSW CONDITION: Used PRICE: Special Just Commodores members prices, please...
  19. N

    Help With Car Audio Subwoofer

    Hi, pretty simple questions I want to buy this. Amazon.com: Alpine SWR-12D4 Type-R 12" Subwoofer with Dual 4-ohm Voice Coils: Car Electronics - Is it good? - What amp do i need with it. (include examples if you can!) I have read a little about specs but keep getting confused. - Can...
  20. W

    Help upgrading a 2010 VE Commodores stock sound sytem incl preamp outs for an amp+sub

    I have been using Just Commodores as a source for information ever since I had my second car, a VT Commodore, however it has been rare for me to have to actually post something on this forum to get the information I need, so first of all I would like to say a quick thanks to all the helpful and...
  21. T

    sub is clipping bottoming out? help? AMP MIGHT BE STUFFED?

    So i have got myself two type r subs both are dvc 4 ohms, one sub is 600rms the other is 500 rms and im using a mrp-m1000 alpine amp to power them. I have wired the subs to 4 ohms so the subs together shouldnt be seeing more than 500 rms which they should be able to handle double when put...
  22. jayden.2.2

    Mono channel amplifier questions.

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2nd hand mono channel amplifier (Pioneer GM-7100M)() and what i think is a 12" subwoofer in an enclosure. I understand how to power the amp off the battery and how to ground the amp, i understand how to run the cables from the amp to the sub. But there are a few...
  23. D

    VE Commodore Subwoofer Help!

    Hey All, I have got a 07 VE Commodore Omega And I'm looking at getting subs for my car. At this stage I dont want to put a sub in the boot or spare wheel area but am looking to fit sub woofers in the rear parcel shelf. I have an amp for them, just need to know what are some good free air 8 inch...
  24. paulio14

    Polk audio, kicker or Rockford fosgate?

    Hey guys Am looking at either getting 12 or 15 inch sub in one of these 3 brands Am looking for other users opinions/reviews on the gear Cheers
  25. D

    Installed subby, now battery is dying??

    Hi all, new to the forums (be nice) but a long time commy lover. I've been surfing JustCommodores for months now but never needed to make a post. Well the time has come. I recently installed a new head, subby, and amp in my otherwise-stock-standard VY acclaim. It was first on my list of...
  26. C

    ve amp install interferencehelp!

    ive just finished my amp install using a pioneer 4 channel amp pioneer 12 inch sub and 6x9 speakers in the rear parcel shelf i switched on my my head unit and with a few tuning tweaks i was happy with the result until i turned the car on there is a horrid interference whine in the speakers...
  27. J

    Installing head unit - CV8Z Monaro

    Hey Guys, I'm looking at getting an after market HU (Pioneer AVIC-F40BT in particular), I know there's a harness available to keep my steering wheel controls working. My issue is, will I lose my stock subwoofers in the back? I'm not sure exactly what they are, 8" maybe? Also can someone...
  28. C

    after market audio install

    been doin a bit of research on how to install amps ect into my ve would like to know if anyone has had experience with the audison bit ten they are about $300 and give you line outs for front rear and sub cheers
  29. J

    Will It Fit?

    Polk MM 1040 10" sub in this enclosure.... i think it will but just get some opinions Polk Sub Specs: Cutout Diameter: 23.02cm Whole Diameter: 25.40cm Mounting depth: 11.43 cm all help appreciated cheers
  30. J

    10" subwoofer

    Now before i start.... i know there is probably 1million threads on this but i cant find what i want so im starting a new one.... i want to know if a slimline 12" or a full size 10" would be deeper.... but still keeping SQ (if possible) if anyone has herd some awesome 10s please tell me...
  31. benny_bones

    Exhaust and Car Audio Installation, recommendations for Mornington Peninsula? cheap!?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if you know of any people or places that do installation for my vy wagon, just want a sub and amp hooked up to the stock h/u through a LOC, also just a 2.5" catback exhaust fitted also.. any prices or reviews for the mornington peninsula or a bit further out would be...
  32. N

    Wiring through VR Acclaim firewall

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting wiring through a 1994 VR Acclaim firewall? Something quick and easy preferably! Cheers
  33. J

    EONON head units?

    herd much about the Eonon head units? there cheap, but are they any good?
  34. J

    SUBS: 1x 12" or 2x 10"

    which would be louder and deeper and harder? 1x12" sub or 2x 10" subs? later on i will double whatever i get....
  35. J

    Slimline Subs

    hey guys just wondering for a VY commodore ute what slimline will be LOUD and bassy when i want it to be, yet blend well when i don't want it pounding. I've got a sealed enclosure for behind my seat which will fit any slimline sub, its 0.96 cu,ft.... and max mounting depth of about 5-5/12 inches...
  36. J

    can VY Utes fit full size 12" Sub behind the seat?

    (NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED ON THIS GUYS PICTURE, IT JUST SHOWS WELL) ive been told that the VY utes can fit a full size 12" sub behind the seat? is this true?
  37. V

    VT Calais Subwoofer Wiring.

    Hi Guys, I've just been installing a new Kenwood head unit into my "new" VT Calais and I'm trying to find out the wiring colours for the subwoofer(s). I've Googled and searched and checked the service manual and I can't find anything. I'm looking for the following: L and R subwoofer...
  38. T

    06 VE SSV, Removal of factory amp and stock subs

    hey all, i have been doing some in depth reading about installing a LOC, amp and sub into my SSV. i have the 11 speaker setup with the two free air subs in the parcel shelf. my question is, if i remove the factory amp and leave the loom just hanging there, will that affect any of my other...
  39. A

    Advice needed about building a sub box!

    I am planning to build a sub box for my Alpine SWS-3049. The specifications sheet recommends the sub in a sealed box of 123 litres (yes, I know this is quite large). To my calculations (and to fit in my boot), the following dimensions work out at 123 litres: Height = 32cm Width = 90cm...
  40. Scheme

    SUB + AMP Solution

    Got a VN Wagon & I've had my battery run flat 3 times in the past 2 weeks, whilst working outside. Running a 1000W Kenwood monoblock powering a 1200W Kenwood amp. The sad thing is after the first time it went flat (I got about 5 hours playing time first time before it went flat) then the two...