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  1. scaredyet

    Still Life Left In The Old Girl

    Happy New Year To Everyone. I'm currently on holidays on the Goldcoast and got here a week ago. I wanted to drive with the old girl for one last long trip from Sydney for the Christmas break. The car (2005 VZ Wagon) had a few issues to sort out before I could take it on a long trip but only...
  2. S

    Installing Dipstick

    Installed some new extractors and the dipstick tube came out accidentally and I can’t find the hole to the sump. Can anyone help please! Car is a SSV
  3. S

    VT Commodore Leaking Coolant from sump plug

    I have an interesting one for you guys. 2000 VT commodore, 200k on the clock, started running rough once warm. Checked under filler cap, milky oil. Head gasket was my diagnosis. Pulled off the inlet manifold and the gaskets there were stuffed, however i already had a gasket kit and the...
  4. F

    vy ecotec sump plug

    my vy ute desperately needs an oil change and i went to remove the plug but it was on so tight that i burred it. my mate says he can remove it with a chisel and hammer but i need to buy a replacement. which one of the sump plugs in the attached picture would fit (ecotec)? or should i just get...
  5. D

    Sump plug stuck

    Gday all, Seems the young johnny that works in my chosen mechanic shop decided to tighten my oil filter and sump plug to buggary, now I can't get the sump plug to budge, I'm currently filing it down to fit an 18mm on it as the numerous attempts to remove it left it deformed. Anyone got any...
  6. V

    VE V6 sump removal

    Hi, does anyone have any advice on how to remove the sump on the alloytec v6? I have removed all the bolts and crank balancer to get to them but am having trouble cracking the seal. Engine is still in the car, tried prying at the suggested points in the manual but i'm worried that i'm gonna...
  7. G

    Rounded sump plug! Welding Onto A Sump Plug?

    I have a rounded off sump plug and tried many things to get it off and am left with a few options. One is to replace my sump and the other is to drill and use a tap and die set on the original sump plug. I have also seen the idea of welding a nut onto the sump plug and using a breaker bar. Does...
  8. N

    Removing sump on VS commodore

    So I keep on hearing all this advice to take the engine out the top, drop the k frame and remove the engine out the bottom, remove the cross member (yeh [email protected]#$ you very much Ellerys - the book advises this then omits the section on removing the crossmember!). At the moment the front of the car...
  9. F

    VS small oil leak

    HI I have a 95 vs commodore and it's leaking engine oil i think its one of the seals it only leaks overnight and it's only one or two drops What could be the problem and how can i fix it thanks
  10. SiKC.VR

    How to remove oil sump? vr commodore

    How do i remove the oil sump on a vr, the subframe is in the way i cant get to the last few bolts surrounding the sump, i tried jacking up the engine but no luck getting to those bolts, please helpp!!
  11. TrikkBen

    [VIC] ASR Holden 5 Litre Super Street High Volume/Performance Oilpan

    ITEM: ASR Holden 5 Litre (308) Super Street High Volume/Performance Oilpan LOCATION: Vic, Dandenong CONDITION: Brand new PRICE: $310 Firm. (Just Commodores Special) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Couriered Anywhere at Buyers Expense, Usually No more than $30 PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD...