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  1. M

    WM Statesman Sunroof Motor

    Hi all, picked up a WM recently however the sunroof motor had been removed by the previous owner and he never got around to replacing it. Anyway, Holden gave me a part number for the factory fitted sunroof (they checked by VIN), 92191861, however couldn't tell me the make/model of the...
  2. M

    Sunroof cover/sunshade removal??

    Help! I'm currently in the process of retrimming my roof lining and plastic trims ect. but for the life of me I can't work out how to get the sunroof cover sunshade out! Anyone know how it comes out? I'm about ready to just spray vinyl dye on the pos!
  3. C

    Electric Sunroof Maintenance

    I've been reading about sunroof maintenance on the web and one of the recommendations is to use WD-40 to lubricated the tracking rails. What type of grease do you use to maintain the sunroof apart from the use of WD-40? Apart from keeping the sunroof clean and ensuring nothing is...
  4. VRSS

    Corey's VX Clubsport R8. Manual, coulsons, sunroof, 20's

    Hey guys just picked up my new car. Bit of an upgrade from the old VS Stato and i'm heaps happy with it!! Found it on the net and was speaking to the owner for about a week, left work at lunchtime yesterday, hopped a plane to melbourne and drove it home to adelaide last night, got home at 1am...
  5. D

    [NSW] [SYD] FS - 2004 VZ Calais LS1 HBD

    Up for sale is the first of my two cars. Reason for sale is that I no longer use it, and could do with the cash to pay debts instead. This car has had most aspects of it modified except for the engine/gearbox/exhaust. It also has a fairly higher end "SQ" based stereo installed in it, but...
  6. J

    Recommendations for new modifications???

    Hey everyone, Got myself a VZ Ute, pretty sure its just a standard executive type ute. Mods I've already done are: -new headlights -new bumper with fog lights installed -aftermarket sound system installed -new tail lights installed -20% window tint I was thinking of doing some of the...
  7. elbow31

    [SA] VQ Statesman 304 5L 1990 Rego Sunroof $3000

    ITEM: 1991 Series 1 VQ Statesman PRICE: $3000 Cash only LOCATION: Brighton YEAR: 1990 SERIES: 1 BADGE: Statesman ENGINE: VS SS under 150000km TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Better than most other vq's few scratches INTERIOR CONDITION: Ver tidy...
  8. M

    Fixing electric sunroof ?

    Hey everyone, just wondering where ( if i can ) buy some parts for my electric sunroof in my vk calais, the switch works, but the sunroof doesn't go backwards or forwards, it used too about 6 months ago, but now it has stopped ( just grinds and crunches ) Otherwise does anyone make any...