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super low

  1. amos_executive

    [WA] King Spring SSSL(ultra low) rear, SSL front & GT Monroe Sport Short shocks **SOLD**

    ITEM: King Spring SSSL(ultra low) rear, SSL front & GT Monroe Sport Shortened Shocks LOCATION: Perth CONDITION: Used, but great condition PRICE: chasing 400 but make me an offer, am willing to sell springs/shocks seperate DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will deliver at buyers cost PAYMENT...
  2. J

    Exhaust hangs low and wanting super lows

    Just wondering if anyone has pacemaker extractors (part number: PH 5059 i think) on a v6 vy with king spring super lows KHFL-47SL (front) KHRL-46HD (rear) and has had any problems with clearance running 17" wheels? The extractors seem to drop down really low.
  3. Commo_Carl

    [VR-VS] How to change your suspension/lower your live axle commodore

    Just lowered my VR commodore ute the other week. Was pretty straight forward. Thought i'd post a quick rough guide on how to do so. First of all you will need (to do proper job) * Set of super low springs * Set of lowered shocks * Adjustable Panhard Rod (got all mine from ebay)...
  4. faBReGaS

    [VIC] WTS: my 2 rear king springs SSL for 2 rear king springs SL on VY. **SOLD**

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/Trade ITEM: I would like to swap my 2 rear King Springs Ultra Lows for a couple of Super Lows. They are off a VY SS and are in very good condition. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria CONDITION: Used. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for shipping costs if from...
  5. ANL53X

    215/60/R16 with King Springs Super Lows...

    As the title says; 215/60/R16 with King Springs Super Lows on a VT ... Will it work without major scraping issues? I had tried searching for this, though unsuccessful. Any help will be greatly appreciated :) And yes i will be getting a camber kit fitted too.
  6. 1

    [VIC] super low rear irs springs & low front irs springs

    ITEM: super low rear irs springs to suit vt, and also low front irs springs to suit vt. LOCATION: victoria, goulburn valley CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: $50 negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will sort out PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, bank payment transfer CONTACT DETAILS...