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  1. R

    vy supercharged diff

    Hey guys ive been looking around and I cant fjnd a definent answere for my 2 questions. I have a super6 vy amd was wondering if I had the m80 diff I also need to know if my car has 28 splines? If that makes any sense Thanks
  2. speed__demond

    how low wagon?

    i have a vr commy wags.. wanna lower it looking at pedders sports ryders?? i can get them fairly cheap but i dont want them to be too high or too low i want around superlows anyone have pics of theirs?
  3. speed__demond

    wagon legal springs

    okay i have a vr wagon sits like a tractor has anyone lowered one before?. im thinking super lows all round but the law in vic is 100mm off the ground and id like to stay legal
  4. elbow31

    [SA] FS/SWAP Genuine 20" Shaddow Chrome Supersports

    ITEM: 4 X Genuine holden supersport rims + tires to suit ve. pics have the chev caps, but i still have the holden ones LOCATION: SA, Brighton CONDITION: only a few tiny marks PRICE: $1750 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will only swap in SA but can organise to frieght interstate...
  5. Z

    Removing supercharger from vz or vy?

    Hi, looking at purchasing a VZ or VY calais or S pack. most of which come with a supercharger and living in VIC , i have Green P Plates and not allowed to have a super or turbocharger :( has any removed a supercharger before? and if so how much and how complicated to remove it?