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  1. DeathSammich

    L67 Rebuild

    I'm rebuilding an L67 and need to know what to torque everything too. Is there a L67 Rebuild guide anywhere? Also I have mace hbeam forged rods on JE pistons and it says the rods need to be torqued to 75nm, does this sound right? Thanks
  2. J

    304 need help with turbo/superchargers

    Ok so iv got a 1995 vs senator (304) mostly stock and im thinking of going single/twin turbos maybe supercharger my goal is around 410hp i just need advice on what i should go and what price im looking at My brother has a vr v6 with a turbo but its all apart right now so he knows about that...
  3. F

    supercharer borking when cold

    I have a v6 supercharged engine and when the car is cold it borks.. does anyone know why.. sometimes even when it is hot.. like its not getting enough fuel or to much.. any help would be great
  4. J

    Supercharging VP Commodore

    I was looking at supercharging my 1992 Vp S2 V6 with an Eaton M90. It has an LG2 engine. I was looking for preferably something that would bolt on as apposed to fabricating the existing manifold. I am new to this but from what I understand the same engines can be found in the states with...
  5. V

    vx superchared upgraded questions

    hey ive just brought a 2001 model supercharged vx that im doing up. ive brought extractors, 2.25 inch exhaust system, and a few other little thing for it. im planning to buy a boost up grade was wondering what psi i should go for?? is 16 too much for the car? was going to only get 10 to be safe...
  6. 7

    Does L67 Yella Terra snout require tuning??

    Ok so ive been searching for a while and havent found anything of use.. Ive got the yella terra l67 snout upgrade YT3800KIT2 for my VY and i just want to know if a tune is required after fitment?! The site i bought it off said no need for a tune, so have a few other sites but a couple of...
  7. H


    wondering if i could put a supercharger in my stock v6 calais but... i have a lpg gas system in aswell. would that work or would be alot of work?