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  1. Boosted VE

    VE V8 Head Bolts vs Head Studs

    Hi, So I have recently installed a side mount CAPA supercharger on my L77 engine and as such, I need to do the DOD (AFM) delete soon. Since to do this I have to pull the top end apart and cam upgrade, I'm going to upgrade everything else while I'm there. The only thing I'm unsure about is...
  2. D

    Supercharged VP?

    Hey everyone, I've got a 1992 V6 VP commodore executive. Lately I've been doing some research on supercharges and trying to work out if it's worth doing It's primarily a burnout car, my main questions are 1) would i notice a difference if it was supercharged while doing a burnout 2) the rough...
  3. S

    VL turbo or supercharge

    i have a vl calais, RB30 (manual obviously) and im looking for some recommendations on superchargers or turbos as well as what ill need to do so and the problems i should look out for. thanks
  4. P

    Converting VP to VR Suspension with VT Brakes??? INFO or Ideas for Blown V6!

    I'm about to start a build and I'm thinking about converting my VP to VR front suspension and VT brakes. I want to scrap my VR and use as much as possible to update and make my VP safer and easier to work on. I want to use from the VR; control arms, shortened heavy duty struts, adjustable...
  5. A

    VY L67 A2A MACE intercooled - NEW VIDEO UP

    VY S-Pac L67 Intercooled (Powered by MACE ENGINEERING GROUP) Here’s what’s been done :) Car has been modified with the following bolt-on products. Engine Modifications - ‘MACE’ A2A Intercooler kit - ‘MACE’ ported LIM + blower outlet + adapter plate - ‘MACE’ 1.9 ratio...
  6. S

    VN overhaul, to do or not to do?

    My dreams are to to a full recon on my vn exec wagon engine and may be supercharge it. Mate of mine thinks there is not much that can be done to these to get much more power gain. I'm just happy to get enough out of it to at least half ass impress the rice burner driver (i.e about 25%of my...