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supercharged vy ii

  1. K

    Advice for supercharging VY ss V8

    Can anyone help me with advice on what to do when supercharging my VY ss (2003) please? I am looking for more power but it is my daily driver, Do I need to modify the transmission too? and also I would be looking for a new performance exhaust system, any recommendations?? what has worked for you...
  2. uniacidz

    [NSW] Holden Commodore S PAC VYII Supercharged

    ITEM: Holden Commodore S PAC VYII Supercharged PRICE: $6700 Negotiable LOCATION: Parramatta, NSW YEAR: 2003 SERIES: VY Series 2 BADGE: S-Pac Supercharged ENGINE: 3.8L Supercharged L67 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Black EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good Condition INTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent...
  3. S

    Lookin for some tips on L67

    Hey guys I've just bought myself an L67 to put into my VS its from a VY and its been ported and polished and shaved 10 thou i was just lookin for some opinions on what else i should get done i'm no expert so any help would be great
  4. V

    Need some power ! Help me?

    Hey everyone i got my VY sedan a few weeks ago and ive got some money together any tips on some things i could do to get some more power out of my car ? exhaust seems a good place to start but i was looking for some more ideas short of a turbo. Prices and or places in perth i should inquire...
  5. Vy S SC

    [Ecotec] My VY S Series II 2003 stock supercharged.

    Hi guys, new to this thread, hopefully posting in the right area. not too long ago i purchased a holden vy series II s pac 2003 with factory supercharger. it had 155,000kms on the clock. i wasn't expecting to buy a supercharged vehicle but with leather seats, foggys, nice clean s pac kit...