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  1. atm_13

    1999 Red VT HSV XU6 Superchraged

    Car: 1999 Holden VT HSV XU6 Colour: Red Motor: 180i Supercharger V6 Wheels: 18" HSV Senator Rims Fully Standard except CD Player, and Wheels.
  2. K

    Supercharged or not supercharged

    Hi crummydoore lovers, I am going to buy a VX2 S I have two in my sights one blown and one not. I am worried about fuel costs in the blown VX, however I can buy them with identical K's 150,000 and for the same price. Will I see a huge difference at the pump if I drive the blown girl...
  3. LordDingustine

    VR Engine Trouble Supercharged ????

    Hey I just bought a VR ute, been makin a few adjustments here and there. But i got it from a guy who i'm pretty sure was a fairly dodgey electrician and may have at one point supercharged the V6 engine, although when selling it removed all the charging gear. The ute runs fine but does sound...
  4. fmlycar

    Supercharged VY S

    For sale is my vy s manual. Huge list of mods. Any enquiries just ask. $22,000 ono
  5. joshc236

    VH Supercharged

    I was wondering if you could put a supercharger in a VH?
  6. N

    Nastas's 1k bomb

    Name: Sean Model: VS executive Colour: Rubens Mica Bodykit: VS clubsport side/rear, VT clubsport front Engine Type: 3.8L ecotec Engine Mods: YT 1.8 Roller rockers Power: Dunno Exhaust: Extractors, 2.5" catback Gearbox: auto ATM Diff: Standard Brakes: terriable Suspension: Monroe GT...