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supercharger ecotec

  1. C

    Supercharger upgrading

    Hey guys, I have a 03 series II VY and I was looking at performance upgrades, particularly the supercharger. I was wondering if anyone knew the maximum PSI you can run safely with the stock system? Thanks in advance.
  2. A

    WH Statesman miss

    Not sure if this is the right section of the forums for statesman but I couldn't find a statesman section. I recently bought a 2002 WH statesman. The car is immaculate only issue is that it has a miss. I paid $2300 for it because of this miss, he said that it could have been a coil pack.. But...
  3. S

    upgrading boost fot S/C VT

    Im new to this But i would like to get more boost out of my stock 2000 S/C VT, but i dont want to damage the engine buy increasing the boost beyond what the engine can safetly handle. what would you reccomend, and what else would have to be done once the pulley is changed. The only thing i...
  4. H


    wondering if i could put a supercharger in my stock v6 calais but... i have a lpg gas system in aswell. would that work or would be alot of work?
  5. J

    Supercharging ecotec help

    Hello I have been asked to supercharge my bosses car at work and I have never really done one before so I'm asking if someone can wright a step by step instillation guide on how to do it he has all the bolt on's pulleys headers. I know it's a simple bolt on kit but I don't want to go in blind...