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supercharger help

  1. C

    Supercharger upgrading

    Hey guys, I have a 03 series II VY and I was looking at performance upgrades, particularly the supercharger. I was wondering if anyone knew the maximum PSI you can run safely with the stock system? Thanks in advance.
  2. T

    vs supercharged

    Bought a supercharged vs ute with no mod plate for supercharger, how do I go getting a roady and rego..? Any ideas on costs involved? Should I take supercharger off, get a roady and then put it back on? Or is it only $80 or somepnt...?
  3. N

    supercharger help

    hey guys bein on the other side of the ditch makes it sooooo hard to find aftermarket performance parts does anyone know wer to get a bracket kit to mount a SC14 supercharger to a S2 v in a vn?,i hav tried mace bt no luck is there any other places i can try? also wot price range will i be...
  4. T

    Quick cashie for someone

    hey guys, i have a holden vp wagon, baught a supercharger for it, baught it off a guy that had it installed on the same engine as mine, he sayed its as easy as 2 bolts, i had a look at it seems pretty simple. im just not confident on the whole fanbelt part, will pay someone $200 on completion...