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  1. C

    Suspension combinations possible ?

    Hey guys Recently purchased a 2003 VY Calais and have begun to modify. VE SS 18' wheels are on and have now turned to suspension. A friend of mine is offering very cheap Lovells Superlow suspension for the rear and Super low King Springs for the front. I know their will be a minor...
  2. C

    vr king spring super lows

    i bought a set of superlow king springs. they were klhf-47sl and khpr20HD the catalogue said that these springs were for my car but i took it to the mechanic and he said they don't fit. whats going on??:hmmm:
  3. M

    Superlow or low springs?

    Just wondering what you guys think would be better for my VR series 2 low or superlow springs (im thinking superlow). I'm also wondering if anyone knows what the specs are of the low or superlow springs (i.e wire diameter, Inside or Outside Diameter of spring, length, and number of coils)...