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  1. B

    V8 superlow springs in V6 VY Ute?

    Hey everyone. i have a VY ute with stock suspension and have been meaning to lower it for quite some time now and havent due to lack of funds and being busy with work. recently a friend took the superlow kingsprings out of his V8 VU ute to put his old fe2's in. he gave me his superlows for...
  2. James.b

    My 2006 VZ SV6

    Hey guys im new to Just Commodores.. My first car was a silver 2003 VYII berlina, all i managed to do was lower it on lowells sports low suspension and put in a sound system. Sold the berlina a few months ago and upgraded to a turizmo blue 2006 VZ SV6. Wanted as much power as i could get...