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  1. C

    Vy ecotec surging issue after fitting manifold spacer

    Hey guys I thought I'd repost this in here.. i have got a vy commodore ecotec. I got given a 25mm manifold spacer but it was to suit a vs ecotec. So I sourced a vs intake manifold and plenum and changed it over. As for the vs manifold not having the egr valve I just crimped the metal pipe on...
  2. P

    VE Surging under load on petrol - misfires on lpg

    New here, never owned a commodore myself but had a VT Berlina Wagon & this VE for the missus. Don't hate on me I've owned LOTS of Holdens (pre commodore, HQ series, Torahs, EJ, HT etc) and only one ford I was given as a paddock basher for the kids. Didn't last long lol. Just hoping someone can...
  3. K

    VP V8 surging while idiling and running terrible until the engine is warm

    First time post and have found much help with my VP V8 on these forums....so in advance, thank you for everyone sharing their knowledge on here! I have a 1992 VP V8 SS Commodore with a 304 stock engine and 4 speed automatic gearbox. The issue that I have is when I started my car after work...
  4. N

    VT problem.

    recently my car has been 'chugging/surging' and yesterday it decided that it wanted to die. i could turn my car on while it was in park, and it would occasionally 'surge', but as soon as i put in into drive it would turn off. its not the first time my car has turned off/stalled, it has been...
  5. M

    Surging and stalling VT when cold

    My Vt is surging and stalling when cold, this started about 3weeks ago but was surging constantly even once warmed up. Have replaced plugs leads, coil packs, fuel pump and filter, cleaned out throttle body, replaced the crank angle sensor, exhaust,air sensors here there and every ###n where...
  6. H

    Surging Automatic Transmission

    Hi, My 2002 Calais is surging and shuddering slightly when I am doing anything over 80 and usually only going up inclines. Dropping down to 3rd overcomes this and when on the flat I shift it back to Drive. First question is what could be wrong and more importantly any idea on repair cost...
  7. A

    my vs ss surges when driving and the tacho flickers. has it happened to you?

    i have tried many things, plugs, leads, oxy sensor, alt brushes, new injectors and still it surges and gettin worse over the last few months. causing it to be heavy on fuel. PLEASE HELP ME : (
  8. S

    Vr runs like junk

    Hi, feedback is appreciated. With my VR V6, recently it seems to idle a bit rough, there was a miss but it seems to have been fixed with new leads and plugs, it still idles rough when its warm and when I am braking heading toward traffic lights or whatever it sometimes stalls when almost...