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  1. J

    VF Holden SS Commodore Handling/Suspension upgrades

    Hey guys, About to launch into the world of car modifications with few rotors and pads, intake and full engine back exhaust, with a tune of course. Alongside this, I am also hoping to get a Kaaz differential in 3.75 or 3.9 - looking for some opinions there - and expected prices. I bought my...
  2. J

    Coilovers benefits versus drawbacks in SA

    Hey guys, I’m making some progressive performance and handling upgrades to 2014 Series 1 Holden VF SS Commodore Sedan. Looking to make some progressive performance and handling upgrades to my above mentioned car, and looking for suggestions on good handling upgrades to consider for my car, and...
  3. J

    VF SS Sedan Suspension Upgrade.

    Hey. I live m in southern suburbs SA. What’s the a decent amount to pay and quality to expect for a coilover or any other suggested handling upgrade for a 2014 Series 1 VF Holden SS Commodore Sedan. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  4. 1

    VE-VF Spring Rates & Part Numbers

    Hey guys. As the title says, im searching for the relative part numbers and spring rates for each spring between VE-VF's. Its been hard to find any spring rate info. Ive also called my local dealer which didnt want to help. Any help is much appreciated!
  5. MiKExAUS

    VXii Front suspension/steering issue

    Edit:SOLVED! Air in power steering lines is most likely cause. Issue went away after longer drive. Perhaps do a few full locks when front wheels are in the air to bleed air from power steering lines if you perform similar repairs. Thanks to all who assisted! Shout out to VC commodore. Plenty...
  6. S

    [NSW] VE / VF Front King Springs - Standard Height

    ITEM: Pair of front King Springs for VE / VF commodore, standard height, KHFS-150 These are made in Australia with lifetime warranty LOCATION: NSW - Bankstown Area CONDITION: Used PRICE: $100 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up Bass Hill PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pick-up, Direct...
  7. Apex8

    [VIC] WTB VE Sedan FE2 or FE3 Springs/Shocks/Assembly.

    DESCRIPTION: WTB VE Sedan FE2 or FE3 Springs/Shocks/Assembly. ITEM: Looking for an HSV/SS Stock suspension setup for my 08 VE SS sedan. Happy to pay $250-350 for a low kms set in good condition. I'm not having much luck so I'll consider higher kms for less cash. LOCATION: Victoria - Ringwood...
  8. Wickham_1995

    Shock absorber question

    Hey guys, I have 3 out of 4 MRC shocks leaking and am upgrading in a sense. I'm going for a set of ultima ultima gt gas struts all round and I'm wondering if I need to get springs to suit or can I use the original ones that are off the MRC?
  9. S

    VY SS ride height

    Hey guys, New to the site. Ive just bought a vy ss ute and it has pacemaker extractors and kings KHFL-48 springs in the front and KHRL-127 in the rear. From what i can gather on the kings website, this is one step lower than standard. Im hating how much it scrapes on speed bumps on the front...
  10. J

    Brake/suspension upgrades in Adelaide

    Hey guys, Looking for advice on what and where to get some initial mods done to my new (second hand) VF SS (L77 auto motor). Figuring I should start with making sure i have a stable ride and can stop with confidence. I have between about $2k - $5k to spend on just the brakes and suspension...
  11. M

    Lowered front end, stock rear height?

    G'day, My VY SS has been lowered like crazy (I imagine it's SSSL in the rear but I haven't checked) and I'm trying to raise the car because it's not really suitable like that for a daily and I don't fancy getting defected anytime soon. I've bought some stock rear springs that came off a VY...
  12. Robert Peperz

    Shock replacement when raising car

    Hi all, Just bought a VP SS and getting it ready for roadworthy, at the moment it's lowered af and I'm looking to raise it back to standard height, just wondering if I can chuck in standard springs or if it paramount that the shocks get replaced too? I'm not particularly swimming in funds at...
  13. A

    Lowering VF on coil springs

    Hey guys just wondering would it be ok to get lowered springs on stock shocks? I only plan on getting sl all front and back. I read somewhere that they would be fine, but I wasn't convinced enough. Anyone have experience with this? Also. What is a suitable price to have springs installed...
  14. G

    VT-VZ Airbag suspension

    Hey guys, quick question about air bag suspension. Looking at buying a standard front and rear kit from Air Ride with the dual gauge and 4 switch panel (instead of a rocker switch or touch pad) Does anyone know if the switches and gauges are mounted in the boot where the tank setup goes, or...
  15. D

    Lowering my 2010 VE wagon

    I recently had my 2010 Holden Commodore VE Sportswagon lowered with what I thought was going to be a good set up. However I'm not quite happy and I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how to better set it up. Current Set up: KHFL - 150SL King Spring Set (Front) KHRL - 152SSLHD King...
  16. AlexCameron23

    VS UTE Replace all bushes

    I've seen alot of posts about it but no recent strong answers. Looking for the cheapest front and rear Bush kit. Already found an upgraded ajustable pan hard rod not too much more to buy the new rod with bushes instead of replacement bushes. So any trailing arm z bar options people have found...
  17. A

    Suspension Advice & Oil Leaks for Blueslip

    Hi Everyone, I've recently moved down to the Snowy Mountains from QLD and need to get my car changed to NSW rego. My car is a 2004 VZ Berlina Sedan (see picture below), has about 160,000kms on it and runs well. I put it in for a Blue Slip today and it didn't pass (was expecting that) due to the...
  18. classycalais

    Suspension before engine???

    I’ve got a vn project car, the deal with the wife is it gets done over a few years rather than all at once. I’ll be putting an LS block into it eventually, but wondering if I do the suspension/rims and tyres, will I need to change the front shocks/springs due to the extra weight of the engine...
  19. N

    Vf2 sportswagon suspension

    What are people running as aftermarket suspension on their ve/vf wagons? What works, what would you change ? Looking for less body roll and 30mm lower on vf2 6.2l calais v sportswagon.
  20. N

    Sway bar upgrade

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the front and rear swaybar specs for VF Series2 6.2L wagon (Calais V) Looking to stiffen up and whiteline (for example) seems incredibly excessive at 26mm solid front (as something tells me oem is 23mm front 18mm rear) I could measure but not sure if they are hollow or...
  21. Randymate

    VE Springs the same as Pontiac G8?

    As the heading states, wondering if they can be interchangeable
  22. Randymate

    VE Springs the same as Pontiac G8?

    As the heading states, wondering if they can be interchangeable
  23. RiffRaffMama

    Identifying shocks

    Is there a way of identifying the type/brand/flavour of shock absorbers on your car if you didn’t fit them yourself? Is it printed somewhere? All I can see is “Monroe” and “made in Australia”. A couple of pics below if they help. Thanks
  24. J

    2002 VX: - Replaced front shocks but locating plate moves

    Hi, I bought a pair of Auto-Force shock absorbers and two Mackay strut mounting kits (bearing and bearing assembly/bush). After taking the old shocks off and disassembling, I noticed that the new bump stop and dust cover/boot (came with the new shock absorber) were both very different to the...
  25. Macca96

    Camaro suspension on vf commodore?

    Does anyone know if the 2010-15 Camaro suspension will suit a vf 2 Commodore wagon? They are both based on the GM zeta 2 platform as I understand.
  26. A

    VY SS Ute Rear Camber Kit

    Hi all, I have a VY SS Ute that was lowered by the previous owner, the rear tyres are wearing on the inside bad! A while back I got my tyres replaced and alignment done at The Tyre Factory, they told me I needed a camber kit, but for one reason or another, I had to postpone. But now I am due...
  27. D

    Got an interesting one for you guys.

    Hello guys thanks in advance for any advice you give. I have an 05 vz exec and for quite some time it's has been clunking and thumping and thudding over bumps at a decent speed say 80km +. They can range from quiet to very loud and can be quite scary at times. To me the sound is never...
  28. BakeTheTank

    VY Trying to understand suspension, I need a quick lesson.

    Hey guys, Hope your day is well and your commy is better. I’m trying to understand why my back left wheel arch is dragging on my tyre when I had a little bit of weight (60kg person) I have a VY S II with SSL King Springs in the back. Koni Adjustable shocks and SuperPro bushes. I thought the...
  29. dale0908

    vs v6 berlina spring and suspension advice please!

    long time reader first time poster lads, I'm on my p's in SA and own a 96 vs berlina. long story short everything is pretty much stock so I was thinking you guys would have some knowledge on what to do and how to and your best advice on lowering it. Its still got the original 16s on it with...
  30. A

    VF Wagon towing

    Hi, newbie here! I have a VT commodore pulling a converted 7x5 box trailer. Rear tyre blowout in outback Queensland.: Jack-knifed and rolled over....Insurance write off. Question is: do VF commodores have the same structural/suspension problem as the IRS found on the VTs?? Can i tow up to 1.5T/...
  31. D

    Replacing entire suspension

    Hello I found a coil over set on ebay fairly cheap and I need to know what else I need to install them I know I need new strut top mounts and bearings but my questions is more related to the rear springs. Do I need springs seats or spring pads or both? Is it seats for the bottom and pads for the...
  32. Z

    VZ struts in a VS

    Hey all, Im just wondering if its possible at all to install VZ struts into a VS commodore? Also what components would be needed to make it all work together? any response would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  33. Ta Moo

    Airbag suspension

    Hi everyone, I brought a airbag suspension in ebay and it a boss kit drop in. After I install it. I try to ride on with air up also down, the air pump up slow and only reach to 35psi with hard pump up. it feeling like a very soft spring that went on the rock. Then after two hour. Going back in...
  34. J

    Legal lowest I can go on front S3 vs ute

    Hey guys I've just been given a set of lenso d1's 18 inch from my brother I'm wanting to put them on my Ute but don't know how low I can go without them scrubbing my guards they are 235/40. I'm ok with guards being pumped/rolled and will Get spacers if needed. Any help would be great cheers.
  35. Krab-man

    VR Sedan (IRS) Project

    Hi, I have a 1994 VR Sedan (IRS). I'm looking at raising the suspension and am trying to find out the height difference between stock and raised. I really appreciate any help with this.
  36. H

    [NSW] SuperPro VE Commodore Bump Stop Kit for Lowered Vehicles (Part Number SPF2883K)

    ITEM: SuperPro VE Commodore Bump Stop Kit for Lowered Vehicles (Part Number SPF2883K) LOCATION: Located Queanbeyan (Right on NSW/ACT Border) CONDITION: New in packet PRICE: Selling for what i paid - $175 or near offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or post at buyers expense...
  37. H

    Camber Adjuster Bolts

    Hi All, Searched the forum and spoke to Holden today to try and get a set of front camber bolts for a VE SS. Holden gave me a blank pause and didn't know what i was talking about. Google has also failed me. Does anyone know of the part number or bolt type required for front camber...
  38. N

    VX Calais - Speedo out, tyre wheel recommendation?

    Hello, A few problems, maybe all have the same cause. I've recently bought a VX Callais, its V6 Supercharged, has been owned by a govt dept and old people and has been well looked after and properly serviced. It has factory 16" Alloys, not sure what tyres are on it (couldn't be bothered...
  39. vk4akp

    Suspension over hall VY2 Wagon. Bush Mechanic style, hints, tips etc needed! :) .-.-.

    Hi Guys, I've got a 2004 VY Series 2 Commodore Wagon that I haven't had too long. (Little over 6 Months maybe). It was a good buy. Lot of maintenance receipts from the previous owner. It's started giving a little wear on the front tyres. (Feathering, outside edge, only an inch or...
  40. R

    Tein coilovers edfc, has anyone done it?

    Hi guys, Im still in my quest for finding the right suspension for my car. Has anyone installed tein super street (or any other edfc compatible coil) with edfc active? Would like to know how you went about running the wires and how comfortable the ride is. Cheers