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sv6 ve ute

  1. M

    VE SV6 Engine

    Hey Guys. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. I am currently looking for a 2009 SV6 engine. just wondering if anyone knew any places/websites that they could recommend because i have been searching for ages and still cant seem to find anything. Much Appreciated :D
  2. Scriv

    Hi! New User and new SV6

    Hi all. Just thought I'd say hi to everyone after skulking around the forums for a while. I've finally got my license and got a new Series 2 SV6 Ute. Mostly love it but wanted to ask you guys some questions: - The clutch is quite 'rubbery'. It has a bit of a flick to it unlike some...
  3. D

    2010 sv6 mods

    G'day all just got a new 2010 ve sv6 ute and just wanted to know what kind of mods can be done on them with the new sidi